Was Nicollette Sheridan Really Killed Off Desperate Housewives for Being a Diva?

Show sources tell us many of the women were difficult to work with at times

By Ted Casablanca, John Boone Mar 07, 2012 3:40 PMTags
Desperate HousewivesABC/Andrew Eccles

Method actors are usually praised in Tinseltown, right?! Not killed off in a car crash-electrification combo, which is how Nicollette Sheridan's Edie Britt supposedly crossed to the other side on Desperate Housewives.

Marc Cherry has claimed in court that one of the main reasons he sent the buxom blond Ms. Britt six feet under is because Nic was acting a tad too much like her onscreen alter-ego—aka a total bey-otch.

But was she really such a terror on set? Not so, says one of our show sources:

"Yes, she was occasionally difficult to work with," a Wisteria Lane insider who spent considerable time behind the scenes tells us. "But most of those women can be."

During his testimony, Cherry claimed he had three reasons to kill of Edie: to generate buzz for the series, to cut costs, and due to an increasing concern about Sheridan's professional behavior. To support that last juicy jab, Marc claimed Sheridan was "nasty" to a prop man once (though he wasn't there to witness it).

But we hear that if the ladies' temperature between takes factored in, half the lot would have been canned by now.

"All of the women lived in their own little worlds," our source continues. "Eva Longoria was the friendliest but they could all be rude."

Including Sheridan. But also including stars Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross—so we're told.

"Marcia was a diva. She would always be running back to her trailer for more makeup," our D.H. spy tells us, citing one of the complaints against the soapy show's resident redhead. "Teri was the same. And on top of that she is very cold."

So would charming Ms. Longoria and usually friendly (or so we've been told) Felicity Huffman have been as "relieved" to hear those two broads were getting their pink slips, just like Sheridan did?

Maybe. But we think there's more to this saga (and subsequent lawsuit) than just a misty-eyed prop guy.

'Cause if 'tudes licensed a death sentence, there'd be more corpses than you could count on that par-tick street.