Chloe Sevigny


Fashion-forward clotheshorse Chloe Sevigny rarely falls short when it comes to bold love 'em or hate 'em sartorial choices.

But these days, the former Big Love star is short on style—literally!

Over the last few months, she's been parading a cropped 'do and bangs, and now she's put a whole new spin to them…

Sevigny stepped out in Soho in New York on Saturday to do some shopping, and she unveiled a lighter shade to her tresses from when we spotted her at a screening of W.E. in December.

The actress, who can next be seen in the upcoming porn biopic Lovelace, has also gone shaggier, leaving us with the earthshaking dilemma of what to call the whole thing. A shag? A bob? A shob?

Throw on a biker jacket and shades, and the new style gives her a strangely, appealingly androgynous look: We're not sure if we're looking at Sevigny or Macaulay Culkin after he missed a barber's appointment on a tragically humid day.

What do you think of Sevigny's 'do? Sound off in the comments below…

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