Anne Hathaway, Entertainment Weekly

Anne Hathaway has been reinventing herself on the red carpet as a confident, single woman who doesn’t care about that guilty, sleazy a-hole who lied to the Vatican so he could take her on exotic trips and buy her fancy jewelry.

Phase 2 of Project Makeover Anne Hathaway seems to be making her appear "edgy."

In her new movie, Rachel Getting Married, she plays an ex-model who has been in and out of rehab. Very dark, yes? Now she has this Entertainment Weekly cover declaring her “A Princess No More.” And how do we know Anne is officially edgy? Here are a few clues we picked up on:

1. Combat boots (with untied laces!)
2. Smoky eyes
3. Black fingernail polish
4. Black leather vest
5. Widespread legs
6. Kind of messy hair
7. Stupid hat
8. Unladylike popping of a squat in a dress

Overall, it's nice in theory, but we'd like our pretty-pretty-princess Anne back—the one who doesn't squat in dresses.

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