Terra Nova

Brook Rushton/FOX

No second season for Terra Nova. And the extinct joke is just too easy, so we'll pass it on by.

E! News has confirmed that Fox has decided to pull the plug on the Steven Spielberg-produced adventure series, but there's a chance Terra Nova could pop up elsewhere…

Despite all the buzz, anticipation from a delayed premiere date and big names backing it, Terra Nova did not become the monster hit Fox hoped it would. The series, starring Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang, never brought the ratings needed to justify its huge budget and rigorous shooting schedule.

However, Fox tells us that even though they won't be moving forward with a second season, the studio (20th Century Fox TV) is going to shop the series around. So all it not quite lost for our dinosaur gang.

Surprised by the cancelation? Or did you see it coming?

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