Kate Walsh Explains R-Rated Oscar Diss and Naked Shape Cover

Just like Octavia Spencer, Private Practice star defends women who eat and age naturally

By Ted Casablanca and Carly Sitzer Mar 06, 2012 7:01 PMTags
Kate Walsh Sara De Boer/startraksphoto.com

Kate Walsh may only play a doctor on TV, but that doesn't mean we're not listening to what the Private Practice star bravely has to say. Especially about Hollywood women who need to eat as well as start avoiding plastic surgery.

Remember, Walsh infamously tweeted on Oscar night: actresses need to "stop f--king up their faces."

So, when the 44-year-old star recently posed nude for Shape magazine, Walsh not only explained why she stripped, but those very opinionated Oscar-night words about women slicing themselves up in this town:

"I was really, really excited about [posing nude]," Kate gushed regarding her au natural moves at Shape mag's recent Bar Marmont party. Walsh emphasized she was "happy" with her bod and she "wanted to get the story out there: Any shape is great as long as you're healthy inside."

Reminds us precisely of what Best-Actress winner Octavia Spencer commanded backstage at the SAG Awards.

"And I'm not a big dieter," added Walsh, crisp and svelte in a chic one-sleeve dress. "I'm not a big depriver, so I wanted to sort of put that out there, too."

Hmm. Your frock was so damn tight, Kate, looks like you sure don't eat any carbs, but, apparently you do!

Remember, when Walsh spoke out passionately on Oscar night, she tweeted during the show and begged actresses to stop messing with their faces.

And she was hardly finished, later tweeting "word" back at a fan who posted a message saying starlets should also "eat a burger and look like a woman again."

"I would be lying if I said I didn't start with my body," Kate explained, when we asked her to comment on those outspoken tweets. "I think all women have body issues at some point or other, nobody tells us everything changes constantly and ages and I think that it's time to tell a different story of aging in our culture."

Not exactly the most popular opinion in a town rife with plastic surgeons.

"I would like to see people just embracing it and just saying 'OK!' You know, there can't be only one Betty White!"

Sorta sounds like when Octavia told us how she feels that our society "tells you you're no longer valuable at a certain age."

You know what? Walsh and Spencer would make the parfait set of besties and we would kill to see this twosome team up and share more of that level-headed 'tude.

Keep rocking that confidence, ladies, we have nothing but admiration for you both.