How fun must it have been to get together with all the other ladies you were competing against for the love of one man? And let's not mention how great this was for Ben Flajnik.

Tonight's episode of The Bachelor technically would have been the finale, but that's saved for next week. So tonight, we got to enjoy seeing all the ladies (sans Lindzi Cox) in one room dishing it out. Yes, Ben is there, too (in a room full of twentysomething hearts he broke). Yikes!

Let's get this party started...

After seeing a Bachelor reunion of all seasons go down in Las Vegas, we finally got to see our lovely ladies from Season 16, again.

There was no wasted time before the women started bickering at each other, from Blakeley defending her actions and reasons for not making friends in the house to Brittney explaining why she left.

And in the middle of all that was Samantha (who was called "the chihuahua in the house" because she doesn't stop talking) giving her two cents on every matter.

Then there was the young hopeful who made her second surprise appearance, Shawntel. After watching herself take the risk of ambushing Ben in hopes of getting a rose but ultimately getting shot down (and receiving a bunch of hurtful words from the other girls), the funeral director confronted the other women with their harsh remarks.

Some explained why they said the things they said, but most of it was apologizing and the always rational Emily reassuring Shawntel that she's "stunning" and gorgeous.

Speaking of Emily, she got on the hot seat tonight, too.

The "lovely, hip-hop epidemiologist" talked about how she felt her issues with Courtney placed a negative piece in her relationship with Ben, but this girl is way too smart for all the shenanigans she was put through, and said that she learned a lot from this experience. Good for her.

Nicki touched our hearts throughout the season and it hurt to see the third woman standing get sent home, but as we expected, her positive attitude flourished on tonight's show. She put on those pearly whites to good use, smiling and simply saying, "Maybe [their chemistry together] was too comfortable for him, maybe it was too natural, too easy. Maybe I didn't have an edge. I don't really know."

And although she had a few questions for Ben, she also stated that it wouldn't be about what she did wrong, because she was herself, so there couldn't have been anything she did wrong. Attagirl.

Another fan favorite, Kacie B., talked with host Chris Harrison about her emotional exit after being left without a rose during the home dates episode. She flew halfway around the world to get closure. Does she finally have it?

Luckily, yes. But it wasn't showing up in Switzerland and asking questions that did it. It was watching the show and realizing that their core values and families were just too different.

Clearly the show wouldn't be what we expected without mention of Courtney and her wily ways this season. All the ladies had something to say about that "winning" contestant, but what we didn't think was coming, was seeing the model walk onstage to defend herself!

It wasn't easy. In between almost every girl confronting her, the "I'm sorrys" and Courtney wishing could take back the alienating things she said on the show, the 28-year-old broke down. Yep, tears. Were they genuine? That's your call, but it did make us think twice about where she stand on the whole situation.

So many emotions and drama in one night, but it wasn't over yet. Ben was there and it was his time to face the wrath lingering questions from the women he left behind.

Jennifer and Emily both wanted answers as to why they didn't get picked, and Ben provided some (vague) answers. Nicki reassured Flajnik that she stands by her wishes on him being happy and that he is still the best man she has ever come across her whole life (talk about being the bigger person).

The best part was when shy little Jamie got out of her shell and tearfully said that she thought Ben was a great guy and if it doesn't work out with whomever he chooses, that she's still interested. Whoa, now.

To leave us on a happy note, the special ended with a little reel showing some of this season's bloopers. Pretty hilarious if we do say so ourselves.

But that doesn't take away from the fact that the finale is next week. Did you believe Courtney's apology? Who do you think Ben will pick? Let us know in the comments!

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