Nicollette Sheridan

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While Nicollette Sheridan seems to be living up to her onscreen alter ego's flair for the drama (having had more than a couple outbursts while testifying), Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry was cool as a cucumber.

Heck, with all the jokes he was cracking some might have even described him as downright cheery.

As you'll recall, Sheridan hopes to obtain $20 million following claims of assault (that Cherry slapped or hit her) and subsequent wrongful termination. But before her housewife cohorts—amongst other powerful Tinseltown players—can take the stand, some are speculating that Nicollette's fighting a lost cause. So is she?

Not yet—at least according to sources close to the case.

On the stand, Cherry stated that he'd been planning to kill off Edie since forever (something his lawyers had attested to earlier in the trial) and the onscreen death had nothing to do with any altercations on set.

Story outlines proving as much might seem like a damning piece of evidence against Team Nicollette.

"I think anyone can create notes dated whenever they want them to be," our source claims, careful not to state that the documents actually are counterfeit—just that they possibly could be.

We assume only further testimonies will really determine when Edie Britt received her death sentence…and why.

But there may be more to Cherry's decision to kill off Sheridan's character than telling some network execs. Or at least a case of bad etiquette.

Our source continues: "I would also think there is something in her contract that says to the effect if this is my last year I get to know so I can look for other work."

Especially since Cherry apparently let costars Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria know months before Nicollette that he was planning on giving Ms. Britt the boot (to which he claims they were "relieved").

We've reached out to Nicollette's personal attorneys as well as Camp Cherry for clarification on her contract but have yet to hear back.

So what say you, sleuth readers? After following the case are you still supporting Ms. Sheridan, or do you think Cherry is creating a case that will leave Nic penniless? Or are you just not into all this drama at all—in which case, we say you should be.

It's definitely the juiciest the ole Desperate Housewives gang has been in ages!

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