Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel


Dear Ted:
So basically, you don't like Timberbiel because they're so private? So what?! Really, I know that must suck as a gossip columnist, but get over it. I'd put more stock in a couple like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake who are quiet and don't want their dirty laundry everywhere than a couple continuously photographed with their tongues down each other's throats. You're way too old to act like a catty mean girl and you're not entitled to know anything!

Dear Bully the Bully:
Who says I don't like Timberbiel, Lisa? Yes, I've been cautious about the two agreeing to get hitched so soon after having split for the billionth time. But Jessica is a big girl and if she's the one that can tie J.T. down, then kudos to her! But not spilling even a lit bit of info (like, duh, confirming your engagement) is just begging for peeps to pry into their lives to figure it out themselves.

Dear Ted:
I was watching X-Men: First Class the other day and I became oddly interested in the Mystique-Magneto relationship. Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence were so great together. I think they would be a cute couple. The only problem being Jennifer is BFFs with Michael's ex. But still is there a chance these two could hookup? Or the very least do another movie where they're dating?

Dear Only in the Movies:
Jen and Fassy are two of our current faves…but they are so nothing more than costars (who happen to have good chemistry, of course). Besides J.Law being besties with Zoë Kravitz, there's another, small problem you forgot to mention: Jennifer is already dating X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult! As for a Jen-Michael reunion, you know there will be oodles for mutant movies, right?

Dear Ted:
With all the hookups and breaksups and makeups in Hollywood, do exes ever run into each other like in Oscar parties? Isn't it like super weird? Like, let's say Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman?

Dear All The Time:
H'wood is a small town filled with pretty big names (and everyone's always dating—or at least bangin'—everyone else anyway), so of course these people run into their exes. Most impromptu encounters are far less awkward than you'd expect though. For the two you named, Tom and Nic would be the worse run-in.

Dear Ted:
Is Niley really over or are Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus hiding their friendship so people don't get in their business?

Dear So 2007:
Seriously, when was the last time you say Miles without BF Liam Hemswoth? Which means as much as it'll break your heart, Q, it's time to let the dream of a covert friendship turned steamy reunion between the Disney twosome die. They've moved on, which also means they're cool with each other (i.e., no drama).

Dear Ted:
Let's talk matchmaking: If you could set up any two stars in H'wood, who would it be? Who are you dying to see together?

Dear Swebow FTW:
I'm totally into the now-rumored-to-be-blossoming flirtfest between Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow. I'm just hoping we get some cutesy PDA picks sooner rather than later…

Dear Ted:
I am frustrated by people like Kirk Cameron. I agree with churches not having to marry gays due to it being against their religion. There are plenty of people that are married by the courts. How would gays being married by a judge hurt these religions in any way? I am sick and tired of seeing people use religion as an excuse for not giving gays the basic rights everyone else has. My brother's partner just died and his partner's sister wouldn't even let my brother or our family at the funeral. We were allowed to say bye after the service was over and only for a half hour. They were just engaged on Christmas Day but would not have been legally married in Pennsylvania. I just hope that one day soon gays will have the same rights as everyone else.

Dear Preaching to the Choir:
We're right there with you, G! At least it's been a good past few weeks—with Maryland and Washington approving same-sex marriage and California overturning Prop 8. Makes has-beens like Cameron seem totally irrelevant, no?

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