Will Dylan McDermott ever appear on American Horror Story again? What about his magical stay-put bath towel? And perhaps more importantly (though the towel question is obviously crucial), are we really going to get a Friday Night Lights movie?

These were some of the burning questions on hand when we met up with the stars of American Horror Story at PaleyFest. And what we discovered is that despite Connie Britton's more recent backside-baring TV hubby, she will never forget one Mr. Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), and certainly still plans on taking their amahlzing marriage to the big screen...

Britton, flawless hair and all, explained she why had no problem at all with the season-one finale in which the whole family died. "I love that!" she exclaimed, "That's so Ryan [Murphy], that is so kind of his ironic twist to everything, so yeah that was fun."

Wanna know what else is fun? Knowing that the Friday Night Lights movie is still in the works. Britton explained to us, "I don't know what the script is going to be like or when we're going to start shooting but they're serious about it." Still, she warns that fans may have to be patient. "I don't think it's going to be a rush because people are really busy doing all of the things that they're doing and Peter Berg has got a big movie coming out this summer."

Connie also confirmed to us that Kyle Chandler is even more fantastical in person then you can imagine, gushing, "He's awesome! I adore him and forever deep down inside, he'll always be my TV husband."

We were able to catch up with Britton's other TV husband, Dylan McDermott, and he revealed his thoughts on possibly popping up in season two. "You know it all depends on if I'm doing something else or the character. Usually with Ryan, no matter what he asks me, I always say yes."

As for Britton's latest relationship, we just had to ask McDermott about episode 10 in which his magical towel stayed on the entire time he was wrestling with Rubberman/Tate. McDermott told us with a smile, "We had a lengthy talk about that because you know in reality I should've been naked, but at the same time they did that enough. It would have been weird ultimately so the towel had to stay on." No word yet on whether the magical towel has been cast for season two.

Jessica Lange has been named as the leading lady for season two, and she told us that while it wasn't an immediate decision, she feels good about it. "When I finally decided that I would actually do it I actually got very excited about the idea...Ryan [Murphy] has such an amazing imagination the way he maps things out so we'll see. I have to pin him down a little bit and find out what it is. Where are we? What are we doing? Who is she?"

American Horror Story will return this fall on FX.

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What are your thoughts and speculations for season 2? Who would you be most excited to see come back for a cameo? Are you still wearing your Panthers jersey?! Holler at us in the comments!

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