Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Wait, did Breaking Dawn—Part 2 come early?!

Kidding (it's all about The Hunger Games, if you haven't heard), but we certainly feel like the Twilight gods are upon us ‘cause we've had not one, but two Robsten sightings in a week, and this time our favorite couple got super cute (and candid!) in the City of Light.

So how PDA-packed was their Parisian vacay, and does this mean we can expect to see a whole lot more of this typically top-secret couple?!

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Uh, don't count on it.

And even though we've been lucky enough to see pics of Rob and Kris in both L.A. and Paris, the photos are, once again, classic Robsten—no close-ups, no PDA and certainly no pap-happy photo of the twosome actually facing the camera together.

But hey, at least we can tell the two are actually leaving the same hotel and having a down-to-earth date (no photoshop rumors here!), but we do desperately wish we could get just get one solid snap shot of the couple sharing a sweet moment.

In typical Robsten fashion, the duo looks totally cool and laid-back—Rob in his baseball cap and beard and Kristen in her white tee and trendy flats. Leave it to our casual couple to rock a hipster flair in Paris.

But photos aside, we couldn't be more thrilled that these two are taking time out of their busy schedules to make a commitment to their relaysh—they reunited for a pre-Oscar bash in L.A. last weekend and then Rob flew to France to meet up with Kristen just a few days after, as Kristen's in Paris for Fashion Week. How adorable, no?

And for those of you who claim Lionsgate (the proud owner of Summit) is behind the whole sitch? Well, consider your theory impossible, since the studio is much more focused on the impending release of The Hunger Games than some silly Robsten sighting in Paris.

And while we're all about The Hunger Games (and the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence) as well, any Robsten sighting is still totally on our radar.

Here's hoping for some lovey pics so Rob and Kris can become the real tour de force of France.

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