Welcome back, Agents J, K and...L?

The latest Men in Black 3 is in the wild—and, as you'd expect, along with the one-liners from Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and franchise newcomer Josh Brolin, there's plenty of extraterrestrials to go around.

But did we just catch a glimpse of pop's resident alien, Lady Gaga, putting in some face time as well?

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Men In Black 3, Lady Gaga

Sony Pictures

Despite last week's reports the "Monster" singer would be making a cameo in the latest installment (reports Sony declined to confirm), about the closest the new teaser comes to hinting at Gaga is about midway through, when Big Willie, as Agent J, travels back to the 1960s to meet K's younger self (played by a pitch-perfect Brolin) and sees a host of E.T.s at headquarters.

In a brief, one-second shot at the 1:23 mark, eagle-eyed viewers will catch what looks to be Gaga entering the left side of the frame wearing a silver dress with lavender hair and her head encased in a glass helmet. At least that's our best guess (those pausing the trailer here might also ask whether that's really Howard Stern decked out in '60s garb in the foreground!).

What's more likely is that if rumors of Gaga's appearance do turn out to be true, she'll probably pop up somewhere else dressed a little more creatively than Lavender Girl. The Andy Warhol party scene perhaps?

Either way, check out the new trailer and tell us what you think.

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