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On tonight's episode of Khloé & Lamar, Khloé Kardashian Odom's tendency to "baby" Lamar Odom becomes too much for her husband when she embarrasses him at a photoshoot, leading him to take some drastic measures to get his point across to her. 

Plus, Rob Kardashian makes a big career decision, but questions his idea when Khloé isn't exactly supportive.

At the beginning of the episode, Khloé is helping Lamar prepare for a photoshoot and admits, "I probably baby Lamar more than the average wife." She explains that it's because "I don't have a baby right now. He is my child." At first, Lamar is OK with the excessive attention saying, "Sometimes, it gets a little crazy, but she's coming from a good place." However, Khloé takes it too far when she calls the coordinator at his shoot to make sure he eats, something he told her not to do. "I'm a grown man," Lamar says. "It's embarrassing."

When Lamar gets home from the photoshoot, he and Khloé get in a fight over the phone call. "I'm 32, dawg. I'm a grown-ass man," he tells her. "Stop f--king playing with me." Khloé is hurt because Lamar never speaks to her this way. Later on, Lamar handcuffs himself to Khloé and tells her. "You play silly games with me, so I'm going to play silly games with you." 

The couple goes to a meeting for their new fragrance still handcuffed. Khloé decides to get her revenge by babying him during the meeting, saying, "He does get emails, but he does not reply." The fight continues even after the couple gets home and remove the handcuffs. "I love that you take control and that you're a take-charge woman, but there's a time and a place for everything," Lamar says, adding that Khloé does a great job taking care of him, but admits that she can be "overbearing." Khloé apologizes and promises not to baby Lamar anymore. 

The episode also focused on Rob's decision to start a sock company, because he loves dress socks. Rob admits that she struggled to find his calling, and says his sisters always put him down. However, doing Dancing With the Stars has given Rob the confidence to believe he can do anything. Khloé is so happy for Rob, but hopes that he actually follows through on his plans. Khloé and Rob are working out together and she expresses her doubt over how successful a sock company could be. "It's just random," she says. 

Rob meets with his friend Nick Bijan to gain some inspiration. "I tend to not really vocalize my thoughts or ideas." Nick likes his ideas, which gives Rob some confidence in his ideas. Rob tells Nick how Khloé responded to the idea, but his friend tells him to stick with it. "No idea is too small," he says. "I think it's a good idea. I don't think you should worry about what other people think." 

Rob recruits Malika to help him get his idea off the ground, having her model his dress socks (and nothing else!), so he can put together a lookbook. Khloé changes her mind about Rob's new endeavor after seeing the sock photoshoot, saying, "I truly think that this sock line is going to be a huge success." 

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