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Window dressing had these celebrities stressing!

Tonight's episode of Celebrity Apprentice served up arguably the competition's most difficult challenge for the celebrity teams yet and saw the exit of a fan-favorite contestant.

With a fashion-related challenge, did the currently 0-for-2 women's team (which has two models as members!) finally win their first challenge? And who was fired? 

Live long and prosper, George Takei!

Yes, the Star Trek actor was fired in the board room tonight, becoming the first male contestant eliminated this season. So what happened?

This week's assignment was to create two living window displays at Lord & Taylor to promote Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line and the teams would be judged in three categores: creativity, brand messaging and overall presentation. The women's team project manager was Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, while Takei led the men's team.

The men's team spent a lot of time complaining about Takei's leadership skills, with Clay Aiken calling his project leader "slower," while the women's team basically had two leaders, with Aubrey O'Day coming up with the concept and taking over a lot of the planning. Arsenio Hall volunteered as the men's team stylist and later put models in trenchcoats...when they are supposed to be in a red carpet look. Dee Snider sat this challenge out for the most part as he has to have surgery on his finger he injured during last week's challenge. Ouch!

Though they lost some key photos for their display (did we ever learn what the heck happened with them?), the women's team won their first competition, thanks to their creativity, which Ivanka said the men's window displays lacked. 

After losing their first challenge of the season, Takei brought Lou Ferrigno and Hall and his lousy styling skills back to the board room with him and both men blamed the loss on Takei's lack of leadership. While he defended himself at first, Takei eventually accepted the blame and threw himself under the bus. 

While it wasn't exactly a surprise to see Takei fired, we were still pretty bummed to see the fan favorite contestant leave so early. 

Next week, prepare for some major drama as Trump says he's firing two celebrities!

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you sad to see Takei fired? Sound off in the comments!

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