She's baaack.

After a six-year hiatus, Lindsay Lohan made her highly anticipated return to Saturday Night Live, hosting the show for the fourth time. As promised, she mocked the shenanigans that have occurred since her last SNL appearance. 

"I feel lucky and grateful to be here tonight and that's why I really want to thank all my friends at SNL who trusted me enough to have me back," Lohan said in her opening monologue. "You know, this studio feels like a home for me…[alarm goes off]. Wait, so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage? I thought it was only when I left the studio…I thought you guys trusted me."

Keenan Thompson then walked out and checked Lohan's pupils with a mini flashlight and Kristen Wiig proceeded to pat her down after giving her a welcome-back hug.

When Lohan asked what was up with Wiig's pat-down, the Bridesmaids star said, "I'm a lesbian now," to which Lohan replied, "been there done that."

Jimmy Fallon even popped up to let Lohan know that while he's sure she can successfully host the show, Jon Hamm (who was sitting in the audience) was on hand as a back up host just in case. 

And after taking a few digs at herself in the opener, the Mean Girls star went on with the show.

But how much further did SNL writers go in taking shots at Lohan's legal woes?

Not too much further, but they did make sure to get in a few more jabs after the monologue, particularly in the "Scared Straight" sketch, in which Lohan played herself as a Scared Straight counselor who informs a group of bicycle stealing offenders that their lives of crime could lead to a stint at a Malibu rehab.

"That actually doesn't sound so bad," one of the offenders (Bobby Moynihan) says.

To scare them a little more, um, straight when that doesn't work, Lohan says "first you're hanging out with the Mean Girls and then you get accused of stealing a diamond necklace," among other things.  

The majority of Lohan's skits, however, weren't focused on her infamous past.

In "Psychic Awards" Lohan played Lucy, a best female assistant award winner who hosts the awards show with a famed psychic (Andy Samberg), and in "Delinquent Girl Teen Gang" Lohan plays a member of a retro chain-smoking girl gang who rebel by dancing on sidewalks (with a dressed-in-drag Fred Armisen, who dances in the street and keeps getting hit by cars).

Lohan also went on to play a braids-and-beads-rocking radio sidekick named Illiterate Lisa in "B108 FM," and a young woman seeking the key to better meditation in "Buddha."

But the show's funniest skit was probably "Disney Housewives," in which Lohan plays Rapunzel on reality show "The Real Housewives of Disney", whose castle-warming party gets nearly ruined by a drunken Cinderella, a broke Jasmine, a feisty Snow White and aspiring pop singer, Belle.

Rocker Jack White was also on hand to perform "Love Interruption" and "Sixteen Saltines."

So, we want to know…what did you think of Lohan's SNL comeback? Did it live up to the hype?

Sound off in the comments.

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