Sass, sexcapades and shirtless men. Need we say more?

Oh all right, we'll say a lot more, because we recently sat down with the cast of ABC's new series GCB, and they gave us all the scoop on their highly anticipated Sunday night comedy. Find out who's hiding shrimp down their blouse, why the cast wants to eat their own show, and whether or not Kristin Chenoweth is going to grace us with her voice...

Here's a little bit of background just in case y'all have been a little loopy from all the hairspray that's been clouding your head: After her husband dies (a very scandalous death we might add), high-school mean girl Amanda (Leslie Bibb) returns to her hometown of Dallas for a fresh start and now has to face the ladies she scorned in the past.

Chenoweth's character, Charlene, aka Kitten, is the new queen bee and will stop at nothing to protect her extravagant community from outside evil. And after worshiping Chenoweth's performances on both the Broadway stage as well as Glee, we've been praying that there will be a musical episode. "Yeah, there is!" she revealed to us with a laugh. Hallelujah!

Jennifer Aspen teased more of this season's twists and turns: "We have "Gone With the Wind" woven into this; we have hunting trips, sexcapades, barbecues; we were kidnapped in the desert. There's a lot that goes on!" Aspen also revealed her character's unique food quirk: "I'm excited for people to see me put a fried shrimp in between my breasts!" Hmm, whatever floats your boat, doll.

Popular alum Bibb describes the show as a moving puzzle. "It's always shifting and moving and it's a lot of relationships and nothing is what it seems." But there is one thing that we know for sure: "It's juicy!" Bibb gushed. "I use the word delicious because it's kind of a delicious hour of television." Just how delicious you might ask? Chenoweth put it perfectly: "We're chocolate cake."

My oh my, seems like we have a lot to look forward to on Sunday nights. Check out our full interviews with the cast above to learn all of this season's sweet secrets!

GCB premieres on ABC Sunday March 4 at 10 p.m.

Are you going to watch GCB? Excited to see the snarkier side of Kristin Chenoweth? Preach to us in the comments below!

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