Tim Tebow, Taylor Swift

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Dear Ted:
Could it be true?! Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift spotted together? OMG, you've willed it to be true, Ted! Please please please tell me she really is a "good girl" like her image, because by all accounts he really is a good guy and I'd hate to see him wrapped up in Hollywood biz if it will warp him!

Dear 2 Peas in a Preachy Pod:
Maybe The Secret is real, babe! ‘Cause I'm très thrilled that after saying Ms. Swift and the footballer were absolutely par-fait for each other, the twosome finally seemed to have caught on and are rumored to have hit the town together. Tim might be a bit too goody-goody for Taylor's liking, but I happen to think they will have plenty in common.

Dear Ted:
Alexander Skarsgård
and Elizabeth Olsen: Actually dating or just happened to be chatting and the usual Hollywood "they were talking so they must be together"? And what's your thought of them together?

Dear Skolsen?
Simply chitchatting, B. At least according to the younger Olsen herself. But Alex does love himself a hot young blonde and few are hotter on the movie scene than Elizabeth these days. If they were to hookup? Hmmm…I wouldn't hate it.

Dear Ted:
Since Kristen Stewart is now signed on with the Balenciaga label do you think she will still star in indie movies still or is she trying the more mainstream path? I think she will always be successful in the future.
—TN Girl

Dear Balancing Act:
K.Stew has always found a way to sign on to the big budget stuff while cutting her acting chops on those smaller projects that pique her interest. And I have no doubt that she'll keep up that kind of ‘tude, even if she's a franchise queen. Kristen is serious about her career, doll, it's not just a paycheck for her.

Dear Ted:
Curious about how you thought Rooney Mara looked at the Oscars last week. Do you feel like she looked spectacular, or could she have done better? Also do you feel she was Oscar worthy even if Meryl Streep did win? She had some tough competition in her group.

Dear Fashion Police:
She looked nice. I wish she had been a bit more cutting edge with her chic gothic look, but I can't fault a babe for wanting to look girlie and pretty on the biggest day in H'wood, now can I? As for her nom, I think it will hardly be her last. Rooney is sure to see many Academy Awards in the future (and hey! Maybe she will go funky then).

Dear Ted:
Can you please talk to Lindsay Lohan's people and demand that she change her hair back to fire red. That is her best look and I really want her to succeed in this comeback. Please help…and ask people to leave LiLo alone! Saw that on a T-shirt years ago and loved it. Loves ya!

Dear Seeing Red:
Start a petition, Casey, and I promise to sign it. I'd so love to see her do the rouge ‘do again instead of the Barbie blonde thing she's got going on now. But hair color is hardly Camp Lohan's biggest worry at the moment.

Dear Ted:
It is not about forgiving Chris Brown. It is about letting a situation that is in the past be in the past. It did happen 3 years ago. Also does anyone know if Rihanna ever hit him? It seems that people are putting their personal feelings about their own experiences to Chris and that is not fair. I am not really a fan of his but I am just saying it's done and Rihanna has moved on so America should too.

Dear History Repeats Itself:
Yes, it happened years ago, but Chris hasn't shown any signs that he's changed his ‘tude or even had the slightest desire to keep his anger in check. Heck, the dude wouldn't even issue an apology for beating up one of the world's most beloved pop stars. A man shouldn't be rewarded for knocking around his girlfriend (and worse, in this case).

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