Jeff Rice, Kathryn Fuller

Anthony Wesaka/The Daily Monitor; IMDB

It was a bad trip all right for Kathryne Fuller.

The assistant to Amazing Race freelance producer Jeff Rice—who remains hospitalized in Uganda after taking bad drugs two weeks ago with her boss that left him dead from an overdose—has pleaded guilty to drug charges in Buganda Road Magistrate Court in the capital of Kampala, E! News has learned.

So what exactly was Kathryne's crime?

Anthony Wesaka, a reporter for the local Daily Monitor newspaper, tells E! News that Fuller was charged with smoking and sniffing narcotic drugs in violation of the National Drug Policy and Authority Act of 2000 and has been fined $400.

Rice's fatal overdose—reportedly due to bad cocaine that he had obtained with help from a taxi driver—sparked international headlines and a wrongful-death probe, but also prompted Ugandan authorities to take a closer look at drug trafficking within the country.

The special-hire driver, identified as Moses Kalanzi, has since been arrested for allegedly providing the contraband to Fuller and the TV vet, who served as an advance man on the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced reality hit and also worked on Animal Planets' Whale Wars.

Wesaka also told E! News that the 23-year-old Kalanzi has denied charges of manslaughter and supplying restricted drugs (cocaine) to the deceased. He's due to be remanded to Luzira Prison until the next hearing on March 15.

Kathryne was found unconscious following her overdose and was transported to the Surgery Clinic in Kololo, a Kampala suburb, in critical condition. While doctors there stabilized her, a police source previously told E! News over the weekend that the blond beauty was paralyzed on her right side but could talk.

Fuller was well enough, however, to appear in court in person this afternoon, where she entered her plea.

No word whether she's talked to her father, Stuart Fuller, who flew in from her native South Africa to bring her home for treatment. He complained over the weekend at a press conference that he was "stressed, disappointed" and "sad" about Rice's death and what happened to his daughter, but vowed to "support her until the police will let her go."

So far, authorities aren't saying if or when that will happen due to the ongoing investigation.

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