Lindsay Lohan, Mugshot

Promos have officially hit the web for Lindsay Lohan's SNL debut, and we can't say it enough—we're fully on board for total Lindsanity!

But while we love the fact that Linds isn't afraid to talk about her "wake-up call" and her status as a self-proclaimed "homebody," (impressive, right?!), we have to wonder whether Linds has truly earned this second (or third or fourth or fifth) chance.

So, in a town where tons of Lindsay look-a-likes are all vying for the spotlight, does the Mean Girl herself really deserve so much time to shine?

‘Cause while we totally thought Linds was high-larious in the SNL clips, we can't deny this is the babe's fourth time hosting the show and her life has been nothing but drama between stints (and no, we don't mean rehab).

True, she might be sporting an, er, puffier look but she's oozing that Parent Trap charm we totally love, and we're not afraid to admit we definitely LOLed a time or two.

But, even though we thought the gal was funny as hell (mostly ‘cause she's not afraid to poke fun at her hot mess of a past), we do have to wonder how many comebacks one gal should get—even in a crazy town like Hollyweird.

Remember, a 180 is definitely possible in this biz—just look at celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Demi Lovato. Both gal's came back from rehab (Demi once, Kelly three times) with a new and improved outlook on life and even more respect from their fans.

And since back in her Mean Girl days Linds was pretty friggin' fab (or should we say fetch?), we firmly believe Linds does have what it takes to pull off a total turnaround.

Will she? And in a town where we're constantly reminded how tough addiction truly is to beat (Demi Moore, Amy Winehouse, Charlie Sheen and plenty more), we have to kinda question whether Linds is indeed ready for this comeback and whether she truly deserves our support.

But what say you Awful readers?

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Does Lindsay deserve a second (or fifth) chance?
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