American Idol is America's game now. (Well, almost, but more on that later.)

The top 13 guys—remember, they brought someone back!—performed live for the first time Tuesday, and already you can kinda tell who's got it...and who's sorely lacking in the it department.

But first, who got to be lucky No. 13?

Welcome back, Jermaine Jones!

The 25-year-old from Pine Hill, N.J., originally dismissed at the 11th hour in Las Vegas, was given a second chance tonight to become one of the voters' five favorite guys—or one of the judges' three wild cards—when the big bloodletting occurs on Thursday.

So, did Jermaine deliver?

Well, he was no Reed Grimm doing a ballsy, jazzy revamp of "Moves Like Jagger," but Jermaine did impress with the always moving Luther Vandross song, "Dance With My Father."

Then again, in between Reed, who opened the show, and Jermaine, who closed, the judges' reactions ranged from "I love your throwback vibe" (Adam Brock) to "you sounded great and you look like a movie star" (Chase Likens) to "you have the voice the world is waiting to hear" (Joshua Ledet).

Are Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler just way too easy to please—or is this baker's dozen just a steaming hotbed of talent?!

But it was Jeremy Rosado who had Tyler tugging on his shirt to expose his left nipple, which Ryan Seacrest playfully called an "Oscar reenactment."

"There was no nipple!" Lopez could be heard protesting off-camera.

So...the top 12 (and only 12) ladies sing tomorrow and then almost half of the entire group will be sent home on Thursday.

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