THE HUNGER GAMES, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks

Murray Close/Lionsgate

And then there was one.

While we really did think the final five fashionistas were all très red carpet worthy, we really had to channel our inner President Snow and nix four of the Capitol Couture contenders. Which, after mucho deliberation, we did.

The winner—who will attend the world premiere of The Hunger Games here in L.A.—is…

@thepoetsings AKA Diana!

Of course you all remember her futuristic fashion, right?! As Katy Perry (who so would have fit into the Capitol, no?) once sang, "I wanna see your peacock!"…and Ms. Diana delivered. Take another gander:

Twit Pic, Hunger Games Fashion


Drop-dead gorgeous, we say!

And other critics—that'd be you loyal commenters—gushed "brilliant," "fierce," "unique" and the general consensus was that it was the most creative of all the contestants. Which we so agree.

So congrats, Di! You're going to be attending the swanky premiere held at L.A. Live on March 12. Which means you have to get your butt out here for it…but we think you'll make it work. For the chance to peep Liam Hemsworth's gorg mug? Heck, we'd travel to the moon!

An honorable mention (and close second place, in our opinion) goes to @LibraryLadyJ, who was able to nearly out-Effie Elizabeth Banks! We love ya, babe, and we love that you've got kiddos jonesing for more H.G. book action. We wanna send you some swag for your library, 'k?

So ladies, both of you need to send us your info. Include your full name, address and phone numbers, please!

We have a feeling peacock-chic will be catching on real soon, don't you?!

And everyone else, great work. It really was hard to pick just one. Which is why we think it's worth giving another look at all the contests who pulled out the stops to deliver Hunger fashion. Fab, no?

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