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We must admit, we are less than pleased with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's latest act.

‘Cause while we've been anxiously waiting to get all excited for their pending summer I-do's, we can't help but note this whole wedding sitch seems more like a dirty little secret than a happy affair.

So, what's the latest from our source on the supposedly blissful couple?

Um, not much. And we're getting more annoyed by the minute.

Just when we thought we could really get behind these two (after all, they do look fab together), Justin and Jess decide to go all Robsten on us and play coy like it's the friggin' royal wedding!

What's more? Our source, who is very close to both Justin and Jessica, will hardly even admit the I-do's are actually set to go down—when we pressed for further details, she provided a rather short (and bitchy) response:

"I cannot say. He would never say, why would I?" the J & J expert quipped when we wouldn't stop asking if Justin's really ready for monogamy.

Hmmm…sounds a bit suspicious if ya ask us, considering the "summer" reports are incredibly vague.

But despite Justin's previous playboy ways, we're a little more peeved at Miss J.B., who hasn't even provided us with a single pic of her wedding bling:

"Jessica is a lovely, lovely girl, that's all I'll say," insisted our source, yet again.

And while we sure Jess is great, we can't help but note that's hardly an answer to our question, so we pried again, determined for deets on the big day:

"When he wants me to know, he'll let me know," came the curt response.

OK, so is there or isn't there a wedding going down?!

"If you ask me, the summer's a long way off. Call me later."

The tart ‘tude? We love.

But the lack of deets?

Well, let's just say Jessica better put a ring on it already or gal's got a single ladies anthem comin' her way (we had to!).

Tell us what you think of this couple in the comments!

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