Lea Michele, Cory Monteith


Dear Ted:
What's your opinion about the news of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith dating? Do you think it's for the ratings? Or did they really find true love at the most convenient time?

Dear Music to Their Ears:
Anything is possible, but it seems awfully convenient timing to us. Glee is already getting plenty of buzz for their crazy plot twists, but you have to admit: An on-screen-turned-off-screen couple is just the perfect thing to keep everyone talking. We're calling not BS on this relaysh but EC—for extreme caution!

Dear Ted:
Because of different time zones, I couldn't watch the Oscar gala but I was looking at the pictures wondering: Where was the young generation? It seems that they were completely lacking but it was these young actors like the Harry Potter cast and the Twilight cast who brought in the most money last year. Not to say that these movies were Oscar-worthy (not being a fan of HP, I thought the franchise could've been recognized for something), but they could've asked some of these young actors to present.

Dear Young at Heart:
This year's award show was all about classic Hollywood. How can you get more "classic" than an 82-year-old winner, a black-and-white Best Picture and a Meryl Streep win!? Deserving they all may have been! And while the actors you and I desire may not be in the big league (just yet), we can't help but think they definitely would've been a great added bonus to bring some youth to this year's show. And really, who doesn't want to see Rob Pattinson in a tux?!

Dear Ted:
What do you think about Robert Downey Jr. and/or Ben Stiller hosting the Oscars next year? —Lynn

Dear Just Joking Around:
Maybe you weren't watching the same awards as us, but did you see them present? We don't know what was more questionable: Ben Stiller's stiff jokes about his tacky gimmicks or RDJ's dubious documentary shtick? We're totally down for a change, but puh-lease don't give us three hours of that! In fact, the real documentarians were the real entertainers of the night! You already know who has our vote (we're looking at you, Octavia), but who do you think should host, Awful readers?

Dear Ted:
Is there any truth to the rumor that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are getting married? I was still hoping Blake and Penn Badgley would get back together. Sigh...they were so cute.

Dear Gossip Girls:
Sorry, babe, but it doesn't look too promising. They've only been dating for, like, six months and we just don't see this Gossip Girl settling down just yet. In fact, if anyone is getting serious it is Penn with his girlfriend, Zoë Kravitz We hardly ever see them apart, but we're not complaining! They are super cute together!

Dear Ted:
So proud of you for quitting smoking! I was just wondering if Jennifer Aniston is really the clingy, needy and insecure nightmare girlfriend the media makes her out to be? She seems like such a sweetheart. I'm rooting for her! That girl deserves a happy ending!

Dear Team Jen:
Please, there is no reason for you to be worrying about Jen right now; she's happy with her boyfriend (they even got a dog together!), she has a big movie coming out and she just got her star on the Walk of Fame! She's hardly needy and insecure. Of course this isn't exactly the ending, but you can't argue that things are definitely happy for Jen. Oh, and as for being a nightmare? Justin Theroux definitely isn't complaining!

Dear Ted:
So I'm guessing that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are no longer together. There were pictures of them arriving at LAX this weekend and then they left separately. Usually they show a little PDA but nothing this time. Is there trouble in paradise?

Dear Fool's Paradise:
We've already told you, Nina and Ian have long moved out of paradise! It's hard to tell with this hot-and-cold couple, but after all these are actors we're talking about—they can act happy, à la The Vampire Diaries!

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