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Think the current season of ABC's Revenge can't possibly be topped? 

Well, just wait til you hear what creator Mike Kelley just told us exclusively about what he plans for seasons two and three. Hint: It's brilliant. And we are so in!

Kelley also just gave us heaps of scoop about what's ahead for the current season for Daniel (Joshua Bowman), Emily (Emily VanCamp) and the rest of the Hamptonites, including how he nearly almost killed off Daniel last week (for shame!), and he's planning an episode that takes place entirely in 2003!

Read on for all the exclusive scoop...

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Was it always your plan for Tyler (Ashton Holmes) to be the person killed on the beach or were you considering killing Daniel?
It was planned from the beginning, that was always who I had planned on. We didn't introduce Tyler until episode three, but I had pitched that out to the network as the guy that would be the body on the beach from the beginning. As we got into the run of the episodes we really, really liked him, the actor and the character, and he provided so much story that there were moments where I considered it not being Tyler as the dead person. In those moments when I was mad at Daniel, not the actor, but the character and I thought, "Well, maybe I'll put him on the beach." We went back and forth a couple times, but really that was the plan from the beginning.

People still have a lot of questions about what exactly went down on the beach. When can we expect to find out what happened?
You'll actually find that out in episode 16. You will have all the answers to all your questions in 16, which is the episode after the party on the beach.

So we'll also learn what happened to Amanda, who was taken away by Takeda at the end of the episode?
You won't learn exactly what happens to Amanda until the end of the season.

Will her disappearance play a large part of Jack's (Nick Wechsler) storyline moving forward?
Yes, it will be a part of Jack's story. What we're doing in episode 18 will service a lot of these questions through 17 and then we're bouncing to the holidays in the Hamptons. In episode 18 we're playing through the winter and the off-season in the resort town, which is very spooky and cool and snowy.

Josh Bowman, Revenge

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The first half of the season was driving towards the Fire and Ice party. Is it safe to say the second half is going to be the conclusion of the murder trial in the finale?
You know what? We resolve that way before we get to the end of the season and where this is really driving is towards, oh boy, I always struggle with what to give away. It's all heading towards the larger reason that Emily came back to the Hamptons. We're getting away from the murder on the beach and by the time we get to the end of the season we're going to be in the larger mythology.

Going forward, are we going to see more of the traditional stand-alone takedown episodes?
We are not going to see the traditional take-down episode as we did until the end of this season. The idea of the stand-alone takedown is what is going to help us sustain the series as we move out of season one and into the future seasons. We love that the show lives in a bunch of different places and we love that there is so many different kinds of episodes of Revenge. You've got a romantic triangle, you've got the individual takedowns, you've got the deep mythology of the show, the past stories to tell. We're doing an aberrant episode in episode 20, which is it all takes place in 2003 and so we're really broadening the canvas and I think that is really what is going to help us sustain.

A flashback episode set in 2003? Tell us more!
We're going to open up in 2003, it's all surrounding that photograph that was in Lydia's (Amber Valletta) apartment that had Emily in the background with champagne at a New Year's Eve party. It's all about that weekend and we're not setting it up; we're just basically doing an episode of Revenge in 2003. It's really fun.

So we'll be seeing Lydia again?
You should expect to see her, yes. You will see her in the present coming up as well.

Looking ahead, is there anything you are hoping to do in season two?
Well, you know how we opened up season one with the engagement party? I can tell you that season two we are looking at opening with a flash forward to a wedding, to Emily's wedding we just don't know to who. Well, I know who, but you don't. And then season three we're talking about opening the flash forward at a funeral and you don't know who that is either. So we like the idea of showing a glimpse into the future and then building towards it. So those are kind of corners of seasons two and three.

So will the flash forwards always be revealed around episode 13 or 15?
Yup. It seems to work for us, so we're going to try. I like delivering on a promise in the opening of the show and I just don't want to people to wonder whether or not that happened. I want them to feel like they're in good hands.

Can fans expect to see another big death this season?
They can. The answer is yes and it's going to be surprising.

Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Not enough Revenge goodness for you?! Check back with us Wednesday morning for even more scoop from Mr. Kelley, including the one thing he says fans will never see happen between Nolan and Emily!

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