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Nobody gives good cry like Parenthood. Nobody! And tonight's season finale is no different, as the fan-favorite series serves up relationship surprises, a soul-crushing loss and a long-awaited wedding.

We hit the Braverman backyard for the nuptials, and scored scoop from Lauren Graham and Peter Krause on their various romantic/bromantic entanglements. (More from the rest of the cast later today.) And more importantly, the No. 1 burning question you fans want to know: Will Parenthood live on another season? Well, Santa Krause has a present for you…

He already has been told the show will live on! "Bob Greenblatt, the president of NBC, put his arm around me at the Christmas party and said we'd be renewed for next year," Krause reveals. "Of course that was the Christmas party, people say a lot of things at the Christmas party. [Laughs.] But I feel pretty confident that we'll be back…We're all looking forward to coming back."

In tonight's season finale, Peter and Lauren's characters, Adam and Sarah, both appear to be headed for some kind of breakup. Adam's bromance with Crosby (Dax Shepard) falls apart, because, as Peter puts it, "I was trying to make a business deal and things didn't go in a way that my brother Crosby supported." And Lauren tells me with pained eyes that she certainly hopes Sarah and Mark (Jason Ritter) can find a way to make it work, but spoiler alert (you saw the promo, right?): It's not looking good.

"I will campaign with the rest of the people if [anything goes wrong]!" Lauren tells me. "I think it's been so cool to see the evolution of this relationship…and I fear for them as well." (Perhaps because—spoiler alert—Parenthood boss Jason Katims cast him in a new NBC pilot? So. Not. Cool.)

In real life, Lauren and Peter (who play brother and sister on the show) have been quietly dating for a while, and the fan-favorite actress shed some light on why she's tried to keep the relationship hush-hush, despite her own desire to talk about it sometimes.  

"I don't look at the magazines that expose people's private lives," Lauren explains. "I get embarrassed for myself and it's too much. The job is to expose yourself to some degree, but you still have to watch how much. And I do think it's really important. And it's so weird now because people get mad [when you don't talk about your relationship]. But then on the other hand, you want to tell a funny story about your person because they're funny. And then I'm like, 'Oh, God, but I'm the person who said that I didn't want to talk about it!' But this one thing he does is so funny, how can I not tell it on Ellen? So it's a weird world."

The Parenthood finale airs tonight at 10 on NBC.

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Check out what else Lauren and Peter have to say about tonight's fantastic season finale, the fate of the series and more in our exclusive video interviews!

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