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Ain't no rest for the wicked...or those married to Lamar Odom!

Tonight's episode of Khloé & Lamar was all about Khloé Kardashian Odom losing sleep (literally!) over her husband's insomnia. It seems the stress of the NBA shutdown was causing Lamar to stay up for days at a time. Yikes! 

Aside from the lack of sleep, Khloé also has to help best friend and former assistant Malika Haqq deal with a difficult decision regarding her new relationship with NFL star Adrian Wilson...

"I think it's because of the lockout," Lamar says of his inability to sleep at the beginning of the episode. "Basketball's always been able to wear me down a little bit." Lamar says he sometimes goes two or three days without sleeping. "Lamar has been keeping me up. It is so frustrating. Lamar's insomnia is on another level," Khloé says as her husband is up all night eating candy and playing video games.

Khloé suggests that he take sleeping pills, which Lamar refuses to do. Remember this as it will be important later. Due to Lamar keeping Khloé up all night, she oversleeps and ends up being late to a photo shoot. At the shoot, Kim Kardashian talks to Khloé about the sleep problem. "You have not been able to get pregnant because of our guys' sleep schedule," Kim says to her sister. "It's out of hand."

Khloé decides to try a variety of different methods to help Lamar fall asleep: warm milk, massages, sleep masks, whale sounds—she tries it all to no avail. Getting desperate, Khloé puts melatonin in Lamar's tea. Too bad Lamar sees that there's something in his tea and freaks out. Back to the drawing board for Khloé. Feeling guilty, Lamar brings Khloé tea in bed and helps her fall asleep. "I promise I'm going to take care of my baby," he says before sneaking out of the room. 

Malika has been dating NFLer Adrian Wilson for a while and Khloé isn't exactly suportive of the relationship. "She's my best friend and I'm going to ask the questions that need to be asked," Khloé says. Adrian says he was married for nine years and has three children, and Khloé feels Adrian may has moved on too quickly and worries about Malika eventually being hurt by the Arizona Cardinals player.

While Mailka grew up in a similiar situation, with her father being engaged to another woman whien he was still married to her mother, she says, "I can't help the way I feel." In an aside, Khloé admits that she thinks her BFF is being naive about the situation. Unable to turn to Khloé, whom she feels is being judgmental, Malika goes to her sister, Khadijah. Malika breaks down, saying, "I don't want to be accused of ruining someone's marriage." Malika doesn't want to hurt the children in this situation and Khadijah tells her she needs to sit down and talk to Adrian about this. "It's not your fault our relationship didn't last," Adrian says to Mailka, who is still not reassured that his kids will be OK. 

Later, Malika shocks Khloé when she tells her that she broke up with Adrian. "I know what I did is the right thing and that's it," Malika tells Khloé before she breaks down in tears. Khloé says she's proud of Malika for realizing that she couldn't be in that situation.

Were you shocked when Malika revealed she broke up with Adrian? Do you think she made the right decision? Sound off in the comments!

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