Bill Maher


Bill Maher has faith in Barack Obama!

On Thursday during his CrazyStupidPolitics: Live From Silicon Valley stand-up special, the comedian announced that he would make a $1 million contribution to Obama's super PAC, Priorities USA Action, a committee supporting the president's reelection.

"This is the wisest investment I think I could make," he said, adding that beating any of the Republican candidates is "worth a million dollars."

According to Maher's tweets, his presentation of the supersized $1 million check was even a "surprise to Yahoo," which livestreamed his special.

Of course, Maher's not the only star getting involved in the PACtion. Stephen Colbert has his own PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, that's raised over $1.02 million, according to FEC filings last month.

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