Amber Portwood


Amber Portwood's livelihood lives on.

The Teen Mom star, provided she passes a drug screening, will be allowed to live with her grandparents full-time rather than move into a halfway house, as a judge previously ordered.

"Amber is so happy and relieved that she won't have to live at the halfway house," her mother, Tonya Portwood, told E! News Thursday. "And now she will get to spend more time with her daughter, which is what this was all about anyway."

But that's not the only benefit, of course.

Though she is still required to attend rehab at Sister 2 Sister Ministries, a halfway house in Anderson, Ind., for women transitioning out of jail, production on Teen Mom can go ahead as usual while Portwood is at her grandparents' house.

The drug court that accepted the Teen Mom's felony possession case had informed MTV that it did not want cameras following her around during her eighth-month stay at Sister 2 Sister or while she attempted to transition back into regular life with a full-time job unrelated to reality TV.

Portwood, whose sole income has been Teen Mom for some time, was concerned about possibly losing the source of her livelihood, sources told E! News.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department could not confirm Portwood's release date, but Tonya told us that she will be picking her daughter up from jail tomorrow and immediately taking her for a tox screen to ensure that she's clean as her probation—five years of it—gets under way.

"I am so thankful she's finally getting out," added Tonya, "so she can get her life back and be with her daughter."

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