Texas Forever! Taylor Kitsch Talks Friday Night Lights Movie and Working With Rihanna

John Carter star says he has yet to read the script for FNL movie

By Tierney Bricker Feb 24, 2012 12:09 AMTags
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Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

This is a phrase Taylor Kitsch is all too familiar with after playing fan favorite Tim Riggins on the critically-acclaimed Friday Night Lights for five seasons. But now that the ruggishly handsome star is seguing into film, is he willing to put on the Riggins jersey one more time for the Friday Night Lights movie executive producers Peter Berg and Jason Katims are currently working on? 

E! News caught up with the star at the premiere of his new film John Carter to discuss the FNL movie, if he'll be involved in it and, oh yeah, working with Rihanna on his other big blockbuster Battleship...

When asked about the highly-anticipated big screen return of Friday Night Lights, Kitsch didn't have much to say as he's yet to see a script! "I've just been hearing rumors of this [movie] this whole time," he tells us. "They are writing something. I haven't read anything." 

When the series ended (sniff!), Riggins had decided to stay in Dillon and build a house on the land he bought along with his older brother. Texas forever, indeed! So would Kitsch like to play Riggins one more time? "I'm happy with the way we left him," he admits. "I truly am." 

Aside from Friday Night Lights, we also talked to Kitsch about working with pop sensation Rihanna in her big-screen debut Battleship, which was directed by Berg. 

"She was good!" Kitsch says of the "We Found Love" singer. "I think it was a great call on her part to work with Pete Berg. It's nothing too heavy. I think it's great just to get your feet wet with a great director like that because as you know with FNL, it's an incredibly open set; very freeing, creative and empowering. I just think it's smart to work with a guy like him." 

To hear more from Kitsch, including his thoughts on "man-scaping" and spray-tanning as well as if he's planning on growing his hair out again, watch our interview with him above. Then head on over to the comments to tell us if you'd like to see Riggins make an appearance in the Friday Night Lights movie! Plus, will you be checking out his new films John Carter and Battleship

—Reporting by Farrell Roth

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