Five Reasons Lindsay Lohan Is Perfect to Play Elizabeth Taylor!

We’ve changed our minds as the Lifetime biopic’s allegedly found its leading lady

By Ted Casablanca, John Boone Feb 23, 2012 5:09 PMTags
 Elizabeth TaylorHulton Archive/Getty Images; Gary Gershoff/

Well, it looks like we're going to have to accept the idea of Lindsay Lohan getting her Elizabeth Taylor on.

Sources tell Access Hollywood (among other outlets) that LiLo is confirmed to be a part of Lifetime's Liz & Dick. Lindsay has all but tweeted the good news herself, showing off her Liz T. research and swag in a series of photoshoots

For the record, the film's producer has not released an official statement. But since it seems this just might actually happen, we decided to stir up five solid reasons L2 could rock this role. You'd be surprised:

1. Talent…Yes, That's Right: Talent! Hold on to your seat ‘cause this may shock you: Lindsay is a very talented actress, as The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, hell, even moments in Just My Luck will prove! Thing is, any talent she may have had (and might still have) is grossly overshadowed by tabloid biz, courthouse visits and drunken debauchery.

Sort of similar to Liz Taylor, who made headlines constantly for her non-cinematic dramatics…but she still managed to nab two Oscars. Who knows, this could earn Linds a made-for-TV-movie Emmy…

Seth Browarnik/

2. SamRo is the New Richard Burton?! Liz and Richard Burton's romance was chronicled in a book called Furious Love…and the "furious" part wasn't gratuitous. The twosome had quite the tumultuous relationship, with their alternating fights and romance heavily documented by the media.

Very LiLo and ex-GF Samantha Ronson, no? The gals had their lovey-dovey moments, but more often were found fighting in alleys, fighting outside parties or fighting on Twitter. To say the least, there was lots of scuffling.

3. Betty Ford Broads! This one's self-explanatory, right?! Both ladies are alums of Betty Ford (Liz is a two-time graduate) and have had very public bouts with booze and then some. In fact, Elizabeth's more alcohol-soaked times were with Rich, most definitely.

We won't even get into Lindsay's (former) habits—drink throwing included—but we have a hunch she can channel that former hot messness for the big screen. If it helps her craft she can probably just do a Google Image search of herself!

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4. Blonde Ambition: We're assuming Lindsay will ditch her bleach blond ‘do and rock Liz's trademark brunette cut when it comes time for cameras to roll, but for now she's still doing the platinum thing despite the fact that everyone knows she looks best as a redhead.

Like when Liz dyed her brown locks blonde in the ‘80s to much public outcry. To be fair to the public though, it was not her best look. So maybe blondes do have more fun, but they certainly pay the price for it.

5. Doesn't Give a %&#@! Last but probably most important of all is the fact that both Linds and Liz rock total F.U. ‘tudes. Both chicks couldn't care less what you think about their men (or women), their drinkin' or what color they want their locks to be.

And, with that in mind, we think LiLo might actually be able to pull this off. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Like we said, we're certainly open to the idea at this point, which is total progress for us!