Poor guy.

For reasons that we won't fully know until tonight's episode of Jersey Shore, Jionni somehow ended up feeling under the weather. And in this exclusive sneak peek, we hear Snooki's man puking up a storm in the bathroom (it was the greatest sound of all time...not) while his lady explains how that won't stop her from wanting to get down to business.

After handing Snooks his blue cup (probably full of alcohol, or Ron-Ron Juice), Jionni said, "I have to throw up," and rushes up the stairs to the bathroom.

About a nano-second later, Snooki follows him up there and let's him know from outside the door, "I'm waiting."

Waiting for what? Waiting to smush, duh.

"Honestly, you know, Jionni's sick, whatever, like, I feel bad," Snooki said. "But I wanna f--king get it in with my boyfriend, so why the f--k are you puking right now? Let's have sex!"

And a swift kick to the door.

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