Jackson Rathbone Talks Twilight 6, Jennifer Lawrence vs. Kristen Stewart!

We caught up with the future father at the Gone premiere in Hollywood

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Feb 22, 2012 8:54 PMTags

With a Twilight baby on the way and rumors of a Twilight 6 in the making, Mr. Jackson Rathbone's been one busy vampire.

So when we caught up with Jasper himself at the Gone premiere last night in Hollywood, we had to ask whether he's on board for a Breaking Dawn sequel and exactly how he feels about the Hunger Games hype.

So, what did the Daddy-to-be have to dish and has he picked a name for the future Twilight tot?!

"I'm only nervous about the practicalities…being a dad's one of the greatest things in my life I could ever hope to achieve," he gushed last night.

Aww, so cute to see Jacks so excited for the little one! So how did the future father discover the big news?

"We found out together, we were very excited," he revealed, before admitting baby names are in the works, but wouldn't reveal a frontrunner.

Alright, we guess we understand the babe's future moniker is a private matter for the happy couple, but what's the deal with staying so mum on his baby mama (burlesque dancer Sheila Hafsadi), we're dying to know what the lucky lady's really like!

But even though J.R. wouldn't dish any deets on the mama to be, he did have an opinion on the rumors of a Twilight 6:

"It's interesting, it depends on what they do with the series," he explained.

He continued, revealing he'd be in for a sequel, given the right material:

"Some of the most fun I ever had on the Twilight series was getting to delve into Jasper's back story…so hey, if that was an option I think I would sign up for that."

Hmm, ya hear that Stephenie Meyer? Robert Pattinson may be too old, but you've got Jasper on board! Now we just need to get A.Greene in for the project as well!

But before a Twilight 6 hits theaters, The Hunger Games will undoubtedly be the movie to see, so we had to ask Mr. Rathbone how he feels about the Twilight/Hunger Games comparisons:

"A lot of people are excited about it [The Hunger Games]. But to be completely honest I don't know much about it…are they really hungry? It's something maybe Jasper would understand," he quipped.

OK, so Jacks isn't exactly scared The Hunger Games will steal Twilight's franchise thunder. In fact, he had no hesitation who would win if Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were to battle it out on the big screen:

"I gotta go fam-bam, thank you ma'am! I'd say Kristen all the way!"

That's one for Team Kristen!

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