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Lindsay Lohan is really taking this whole turning-over-a-new-leaf thing seriously.

The actress arrived a whopping 24 minutes early to her probation progress hearing this morning (her earliest ever entrance, according to our E! News crack research staff), flanked by mother Dina. And you could say she arrived fashionably early, donning a court-appropriate tan trench coat, mint-green dress and a chunky diamond bracelet.

Oh, and looks aside, Lindsay's also been completing all the terms of her probation. So much so that no-nonsense Judge Stephanie Sautner proclaimed Lohan in the "homestretch" of her sentence.

"She has done everything that's required," Sautner said during the lightning-quick hearing. "The way I figured it and we talked, there's 14 more days of community service and five more therapy sessions. Ms. Lohan, you're in the homestretch, OK?

"The probation officer's pleased with your progress, you seem to be getting your life back on track and that's what we've all hoped for."

Sautner also praised Lohan's "positive change" and noted her glowing reports from the probation department and therapist.

As for what's next for the starlet, she has just one progress hearing left and then it's (almost) back to a clean record. All she has to do is complete those 14 days of community service and five therapy sessions by March 29. She also has $3,500 in fines to pay, per her probation report.

"Are we clear? Is everybody good with that date?" Sautner asked the court.

Check out Lindsay's probation report docs

Lindsay Lohan, Shawn Chapman

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And while Lindsay's probation prevents her from leaving the state for pleasure (at least until she's completed all her dates), she's more than welcome to do so for business…particularly, the business of hosting Saturday Night Live in a little more than a week's time.

Should all continue on as it has been, Lindsay's Beverly Hills DUI case will be formally dropped at her next hearing, and her necklace-heist probation will switch to a non-reporting informal summary probation. So what does that mean, exactly?

"After March 29, all you have to do is obey all laws, stay out of trouble and move on with your life," Sautner said. "Good luck."

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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