Chris Brown, CM Punk

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic; Gustavo Caballero/WireImage

Another punch has been thrown in the fight between Chris Brown and WWE star CM Punk.

On Monday, the pro wrestler fired the first shot, tweeting that he "would like @chrisbrown [to] fight somebody that can defend themselves."

Brown tweeted back, accusing CM Punk of taking steroids. (He's since deleted the tweet.)

Then the 33-year-old wrestler responded directly to Brown on Tuesday with a confrontational video...

"I never intended to include Chris Brown's name in one of my tweets to start some sort of a controversy or to gain publicity or anything like that. [But] now that he's throwing accusations my way about using steroids, I feel the need to reply," CM Punk says in the clip. "I'm a lifelong, proud, drug-free straight-edge individual."

He continues: "Chris and I come from two completely different worlds. I don't have a manager. I don't have a bodyguard—I don't need a bodyguard. [I don't have] an assistant. I have no need for a PR team to tell me what to tweet or when to delete tweets."

"And I don't hit women," he says matter-of-factly, referring to Brown's notorious 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna. "Period. In my world, women are to be revered and respected, and I firmly believe that in this life there are consequences and repercussions for people's actions. I don't think Chris has paid for what he's done."

CM Punk then challenges the Grammy winner to "put some gloves on and get in the ring" to settle their feud. "All proceeds [from the fight] can go to a women's shelter of my choosing."

"I will choke you out," he says. "I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has had the misfortune of knowing a sad, cowardly little boy such as yourself."

Brown was quick to respond. "@cmpunk the video u just posted was cute! It's so funny how defensive u are," he tweeted. "And the fact that I really don't know who you are and could give a s--t is the funny part!"

He continued: "Note:today will be the last day I bring [CM Punk's] existence up! The confrontations that people continuously bring my way are very amusing...Cuz honestly, that s--t is too time consuming to argue wit every person who has their own issues to deal with."

The 22-year-old singer then clarified to his fans, "I'm never 'ANGRY' when I speak my mind on twitter! They want me to be mad! That's the difference. Love."

CM Punk hasn't forgiven Brown for his abusive past, but it looks like Rihanna has. On Monday, she and her former flame unveiled two musical collaborations on Twitter.

So if Rihanna's rejoined Team Breezy, should the rest of us embrace Brown again, too? Or does CM Punk have the right idea? Weigh in below.

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