Even though Wanderlust doesn't come out in theaters until Friday, we already know that it will be jam-packed with nudity (so now we're all going to watch it, for sure).

On Tuesday's Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler addressed the fact that her BFF Jennifer Aniston would be seen in her birthday suit—and that there would be a lot of "slow motion, action nudity"—but there is also some drug use goin' on.

How did Aniston prepare for a scene where she's tripping on LSD?

Unlike Chelsea, who said, "I know I've tripped on LSD, so it wouldn't be a problem."

"Yeah, I've actually never done LSD," Jen said. "So, I don't know. I just kind of imagined every greatest fear I could have. Which is like, which is what happens. And it was shot...was that kinda trippy?"

According to the wise and experienced Chelsea, "It was great!"

Well done, Jennifer.

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