Amy Duggar, James Garrett

Courtesy of James Garrett

It doesn't seem all that risqué to us.

Maybe that's why 56-year-old James Garrett laughed the whole thing off.

But before we start making assumptions, let's get a little back story on everything that happened with the alleged extortion plot, and hear what Garrett had to tell E! News about the ongoing situation.

In case you don't remember, Iowa photographer Teresa Hunt is charged with one count of extortion after she allegedly demanded that 19 Kids and Counting be canceled or for TLC's parent company, Discovery, pay her $10,000 for the "intimate" photo of Garrett and Amy Duggar that she had.

The photo in question, obtained by E! News, shows Amy, 25, and James posing at a restaurant called McFarlands during lunch after Amy performed at James' "A Tribute to John Denver" show at the Branson Imax complex. 

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"Amy and I have been friends for over four years now," Garrett tells E! News. "She is a regular part of my John Denver Tribute Show in Branson, as is her mother, Deanna."

Garrett notes that he and Amy have never gone out on a date and have never even been alone together, countering Hunt's claim that the two were dating.  

"I had just returned from New Zealand and when I got off the plane at LAX, there was an urgent message from Amy to call immediately," said Garrett.  "She went on to tell me someone had sent an extortion letter to the Discovery Channel detailing an affair between the two of us, complete with photos.  Amy and I just busted out laughing because we knew there were no pictures and absolutely nothing to back up the claims."  

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Garrett had no idea that the individual trying to extort him was Hunt, his personal photographer and friend of two years. 

"When I returned to Branson, management gave me a letter which berated me in every way imaginable and spoke of an affair I was having with Amy," said Garrett.  "It was at that moment I realized it was Teresa who had sent the extortion letter, and I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that my own photographer would betray me in this way." 

Garrett says he immediately got in touch with the FBI and they would eventually confirm it was Hunt that had sent the letter.  

"She never showed any signs that she might be capable of doing something like this," said Garrett.  "Maybe it was jealously, maybe it was money, maybe it was the need for attention. She got the attention for sure."

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