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That really did just happen.

If you haven't yet seen tonight's episode of Glee, stop reading now. 'Cause something huge just went down. Like, life-threateningly huge. So is a certain long-time fan-favorite (understatement?) actor off the show for good? Here's the scoop:


Quinn got in a car accident. Specifically, she got hit by a truck while texting and driving. And news flash: It did not look good.

So why did this happen? And is Dianna Agron leaving Glee?

The "What Happened to Quinn?" mystery is obviously Glee's huge winter cliffhanger, and the producers want to keep the fans guessing. So, the show does not intend to answer what happened to Quinn until the very next episode airs weeks. Gaah! Glee returns April 10.

What we can tell you is that there certainly will be major repercussions of Quinn's crash, throughout the rest of the current (third) season. And one possibility we can rule out for you is the idea that Quinn will be dancing around the choir room in the very next episode. That is not happening, Quinn fans. Sorry.

We also can say that Dianna Agron will return to the Glee set in some capacity, whether it is a dream sequence, a reduced role, a flashback or a flashforward, etc. We have it on good authority that nothing has been set in stone yet as far as the fourth season of Glee —including whether Dianna will be a series regular—so say a little prayer for Miss Quinn Fabray tonight!

So why did the car crash happen? A source tells me the idea for a character to get into a texting-while-driving accident has been in the works ever since the Glee cast appeared on Oprah and she had them sign contracts saying they will not text while driving.

Note to "Faberry" Fans: Not only did you "Faberry" (Quinn and Rachel) shippers own our TV's Top Couple mega-tournament (you nearly broke all of E! Online with all your votes!), you also trended #DontCutFaberry last night on Twitter (worldwide!), after hearing that a Rachel-Quinn scene shown in the promo for tonight's episode had been cut from the actual episode. So what happened? According to a reliable source, the scene was cut "for time" (this does happen, people!) and the plan is to release it online after the episode airs. Hopefully that lessens your sting and hey, maybe you're watching said scene right now.

Max Adler Speaks: Quinn wasn't the only one in jeopardy tonight. Dave Karofsky attempted suicide after being outed and bullied at his high school, and trust us, Max Adler was very nervous shooting tonight's episode. How do we know? Well, we talked to him all about it, so check back after the West Coast airing (9 p.m. PST) for our exclusive Q and A with Max.


Adam Rose/FOX

OK, now that we got that out of the way, we can dissect what we learned in tonight's winter finale, "On My Way."


Karofsky's Journey Comes to an End: Dave Karofsky's journey almost came to an all-too-soon end when he attempted suicide after being outed and bullied at his high school. Certainly one of the most chilling and intense scenes Glee has ever done, and when it was combined with Blaine (Darren Criss) singing "Cough Syrup," it was positively haunting.

Karofsky survived, but the ripple effect his suicide attempt brought on was far-reaching. Kurt (Chris Colfer) blamed himself for turning him down on Valentine's Day and ignoring his calls. Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) decided life was too short, and they moved up their wedding to right after Regionals. We also saw evil Sebastian (Grant Gustin) change his ways, because it was revealed that he had teased Karofsky at the bar Scandals. Basically, everyone got a huge wake-up call, and not one person was left unaffected.

All of this was made very apparent at Regionals, with both the Warblers and New Dierctions dedicating their performances to Dave Karofsky. The New Directions "Fly"-"I Can Believe I Can Fly" mashup was especially poignant, and it'll probably take awhile for our goosebumps to go away.

Fortunately, Kurt made Dave see that his suicide attempt was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And the tears. Oh, did the tears come during Kurt's visit to the hospital. And in a flashforward dream sequence, we got to see Karofsky as a sports agent, happy with his partner and their son. And just like that, he got his future back.


Adam Rose/FOX

Finchel Almost Got Married: We really thought their parents would talk them out of it, or even they would talk themselves out of it, but Finn and Rachel were on their way down the aisle. Of course, we're sure Quinn's car accident will put a pause on their matrimonial plans. And how heartbreaking is it that it was Rachel's text that Quinn was answering when the truck hit her? Prayer circle is happening in the comments, folks.

New Directions Is Headed to Nationals…Again: Are there rules in the show choir handbook about length of a performance? It just seems like New Directions have an hour to perform while the others get three minutes. No matter, we love them best anyway. New Directions wins again and is headed to Nationals…again!

Sue Is Pregnant: Coach Sylvester is with child, and we have no idea who the father is. It'd be awesome if she somehow stole Will Schuester's sperm, but we have enough plot twists to worry about right now. We'll deal with her bun in the oven later. But Sue did look awfully at peace throughout the episode, right? She let Quinn back on the Cheerios, and she wants to help Will win Nationals, so maybe that baby is already changing her.

In lieu of one-liners, we'd like to just offer lessons learned:

  • Please don't text and drive
  • If you need to talk to someone, please…talk to someone.

How about that for a winter finale, Gleeks? Lots to talk about, so let's not delay it any longer. Head to the comments and react your pants off!

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