Steve Granitz/Getty Images

LMFAO returns—and they brought a crazy dancing zebra with them this time!

In this E! exclusive video premiere of "Sorry for Party Rocking," Redfoo and SkyBlu get their grumpy neighbors upset with their epic good times. And that altercation sets off a series of crazy party antics that bring out the authorities—and some kids who know how to play. Plus, this prequel-y movie set the record straight on some very important questions left over from the "Party Rock Anthem" video, such as: How did they end up in the hospital? What's with all the shufflin'? And hey, is that a zebra?!

So are you ready to have your mind blown? Check out this exclusive new video—and be forewarned that it's got grown-up language and situations—right now....

Questions answered? Minds blown? Zebra shuffled? Hit the comments to talk about all your favorite moments in this cinematic party opus.

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