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Tonight's Amazing Race premiere started with introducing us to the 11 pairs that will be competing, but lucky for you, we were way ahead of them and already memorized the life stories of these folks (just us?).

Then it was time to see how these contestants roll. Out of hundreds of hot air balloons that were up in the air, only 11 had a clue that would lead them to a brand new Ford Taurus.

We know, so intense already.

So where was their first destination?

"Fly to Santa Barbara."

No, not Santa Barbara, Calif. All the way over in Argentina!

Five teams had a two-hour head start from the others by catching the first flight out to Salta, Argentina. Once everyone was en route to their second clue, we found out it was a road block.

One partner had to use their sense of direction to find their teammate who would be—wait for it—jumping out of a plane!

A lot of ladies that were left to do the dive were stoked about the whole thing. One of the fellas, JJ, was getting sick at the thought of it. We're not sure what was more exciting to watch: the actual jump or seeing everyone's face flap back from the air pressure. Too funny.

Meanwhile, Maiya Tanaka managed to get her car stuck in some sand while driving to the end point to find her sister who was jumping. Luckily, some nice gentleman helped her with that. But that left them in last place.

Art and JJ were the first to reunite and get the next clue, leaving them in first place. But Rachel and Brendon were not far behind.

Once they reached their next destination, it wasn't so much of an adrenaline rush, but some knowledge in the kitchen would be helpful. The teams had to make 120 empanadas each. Yum!

Every single one had to be accepted by the empanada expert lady, in order to move on, because they had to make 60 cheese and 60 meat and those are prepared differently (basically the dough is either curled or pinched. Confusing, we know).

Married couple Rachel Brown and Dave Brown Jr. stole the lead and earned themselves the express pass. Rachel and Brendon were team number two and then Federal agents Nary Ebeid and Jamie Graetz were team number three.

From the teams left behind, Joey Lasalla and Danny Horal were having an especially hard time with the empanadas. It was between them and sisters Misa Tanaka and Maiya. And although the ladies finished first and were right next to host Phil Keoghan to finish as the last team and kick out the "guidos" from the competition, they failed to see him and started running the other way.

That's when Joey and Danny arrived and became team number 10.

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