Leonardo DiCaprio

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Dear Ted:
What do you make of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton? I personally saw him roaming around Australia with tons of women, while he was supposed to be dating his latest model...Do you think he's an "open-relationship" type of guy?

Dear Bikini Babe:
I have been hearing quite a bit about this Sydney trip of Leo's (sans Erin). I can't say that he is an "open-relationship" type of guy, but he is a guy. He's also definitely a statuesque-blonde type of guy. And the pattern holds true in this case. Rumor has it Leo had his eye on yet another leggy Goldilocks, so if I were you, I'd quit worrying about any of them, because as soon as you're satisfied Leo's settled down he'll be dissatisfied.

Dear Ted:
I was married to an abusive man for about 10 years before he permanently damaged me. I will never know another day without pain and will be in a wheelchair within a couple of years. My question is, do you think if Rihanna had spoken out against Chris Brown he would have continued to have a career? Reading about these women who want Chris Brown to beat them makes me wonder—if they knew the real pain and humiliation behind being beaten would they still want him to? I personally feel by not denouncing him, Rihanna made it seem OK. I loved my husband and thought I deserved what I got. I even covered for him, so I'm not judging her. I just wondered how you felt since you are my go-to guy for all things Hollywood.

Dear Hopeful:
I am certain that if these women had actually ever experienced abuse themselves, there is no way that they would even joke about letting Brown beat them—or even set foot within a mile of his presence. I mean really, who would want to be physically beaten? Whatever's going down behind the scenes, unless Rihanna decides to go public with it, is her business, as it's a very personal and sensitive topic. I do really hope that she's moved on, though.

Dear Ted:
If Rihanna was able to forgive Chris Brown for what he did and is still a fan of his, why can't the rest of the world move on? We should judge him as an artist because that's what he is; and he's a great one who still has many great years ahead of him. I believe he deserved his Grammy win, and his performances were amazing.

Dear Forgive but Not Forget:
There's no denying that Chris is a talented performer, but there's also no getting past what he did to Rihanna. Which is precisely what Brown and not a few others seem to want us all to do. While I am a believer in second chances, it doesn't mean we have to like and support the guy. I commend Brown for continuing to pursue his career, but as for the rest, he definitely isn't handling himself with grace. What's up with all the crude and disrespectful tweets? So, deserved or not, I can't congratulate him on his Grammy win. But I'd really like to know what the readers think. How should female fans respond to Brown's recent bad-boy behavior?

Dear Ted:
I'm not buying all these happy, "candid" shots of Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, especially where he's cavorting on the beach with the kids. What message is she trying to send Marc Anthony (or the public) by simply reinforcing everyone's opinion that the woman can't be alone for 30 seconds? XXOO P.S. I have an admitted burr up my bum on this issue, because those kids were rarely photographed pre-divorce and, I mean really, she's 40, hugely successful, rich and has to have a constant male companion? Ugh.

Dear Serial Dater:
I say let this one go—fast. There are so many more warped things to worry about in the world (see Chris Brown, above) than a huge celebrity who likes to be seen out and about with her fam and new BF.

Dear Ted:
I think Courtney Stodden is so funny. Do you find her amusing? Funny, funny girl. And she's not even trying—to be funny, that is.
Miss P

Dear Hell to the Yeah:
I don't know if amusing is the right word, but she is certainly unconventional. You know, one of those things that is just so different you can't help but stare? That's how I would describe it. She's fun!

Dear Ted:
Sorry, but if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart don't attend the Oscars, millions won't tune in.

Dear Twilight Zone:
While there may be a very large group of very disappointed Twi-hards, I doubt the Oscars will have any trouble getting viewers to watch this Sunday—though just how many will be interesting to see, since Billy Crystal (safe choice) replaced Eddie Murphy (unsafe choice).

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