Khloe Kardashian Odom, Lamar Odom

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They're ba-aaack!

The second season of Khloe & Lamar premiered tonight and it was off to a hot start (and this is before the titular stars relocate to Dallas), with Khloé  Kardashian Odom set on keeping her marriage with Lamar Odom "spicy and new." Too bad her husband isn't really feeling it, leading Khloé to wonder whether their marriage still has the spark. 

Plus, Lamar's bromance with Rob Kardashian hits a major snag after Rob decides to move out. So are the two men in Khloé's life able to kiss and make up? 

"Our relationship is phenomenal. We are so in love with each other," Khloé gushes at the beginning of the episode. "The most important thing to me right now is showing Lamar how much I love him." Wanting to keep the honeymoon phase going for awhile, Khloé decides to install a sex swing in her house. The couple decides to try and use the swing...but it breaks and ruins the moment. "The freaking thing falls out of the ceiling! I'm embarrassed!" Khloé says. 

Still, Khloé is determined to keep things hot; she buys a lot of sex toys and puts them all over her bedroom. She's excited to bring Lamar into the room, but he says he's tired. "My feelings are a little hurt," Khloé admits. "I feel rejected." Khloé is confused by Lamar's reaction to her advances and tries to figure out what's wrong. "With Khloé, it goes beyong lovemaking," Lamar says, adding that he's happy just to chill with his wife. 

Much to Lamar's dismay, Rob has decided to move out of their house. "It was like one day all of a sudden he wanted to move," Lamar says. "Me and Rob are extremely tight. I love having Rob around."

Rob is a little mad at Lamar for not coming to his Dancing With the Stars performances because Lamar has a lot of free time during the NBA lockout. "Lamar's never had any siblings before," Khloé  explains of her husband. "I always put Lamar's name down [on the guest list], but you never know if he's going to show up," Rob says.

While working out, Lamar tries to call Rob, who is sending him right through to voicemail. "That's disrespectful," Lamar says. The next day, Rob bails on lunch with the couple and Lamar says he's not surprised, but he's "hurt" by Rob's behavior. When at the gym with her brother, Khloe talks about his relationship with Lamar, who is late for their workout. Lamar and Rob have a confrontation outside the gym over who is in the wrong—and both leave angry and upset while Khloé feels like she can't choose either side. 

Lamar decides to go and visit Rob at his new place and the two talk out their issues. "I felt like you never reached out to me," Rob says. "I want to be real emotional with you.I take it to heart when you're not in my life." Lamar explains that he never had a brother or family, so he's not used to showing a certain side of himself. "I'm not as sentimental," Lamar says, saying he was raised "to be on his own."

No can't they all just get along?

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