Adele, Public


Ooh la la? More like uh-oh.

Adele has enlisted a team of power lawyers to launch legal action against a French tabloid that published photos allegedly from a leaked sex tape featuring the British Grammy magnet with the ex-boyfriend who inspired her greatest hits.

Problem is, it wasn't her. Just, um, someone like her.

The 23-year-old wasted no time in hiring Schillings law firm, the U.K.'s go-to solicitors-to-the-stars, as the first step to filing suit against France's Public magazine for publishing both the images, taken from a smartphone, and the accompanying front-page false claims.

On the cover of the tabloid rag, out today, the headlines blares, "Exclusif! Adele La sex tape!" with a screengrab of a woman who, on even the most cursory of inspections, doesn't come close to resembling the award winner.

Inside, they dedicated three pages to the fake spread, complete with breathless and anonymous sources close to the singer claiming she was devastated by the leak.

As expected, a spokesperson for Adele immediately shot down the story, claiming that any reports alleging that the British singer was in that or any sex tape are "untrue and grossly defamatory" and "100 percent false."

"We are informed that the French magazine Public has today published images which it claims show our client in a sex tape," her legal team told the Daily Mail.

"Our client has not appeared in a sex tape as claimed in the article. Our client does not appear in the photographs. Such claims are grossly defamatory. Our client is taking legal action in relation to this matter."

Well, we sure wouldn't want to be someone like them right now.

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