Kendall Jenner's Hair Color Experiment: She's a Blonde!

Kim Kardashian's little sis' changes up her hair color but later reassures fans "Don’t worry! Still a brunette!"

By Rock the Red Carpet Staff Feb 17, 2012 4:36 PMTags
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"New look....? What do u think? Loll"

—@KendallJenner, tweeting out a pic of her newly blonde locks Thursday. Big sis' Kim Kardashian soon responded, "Don't blondes have more fun @KendallJenner?!?" But you know the family of beautiful brunettes wasn't really buying it... 


Kendall soon tweeted out another pic showing her original color intact:  "Don't worry! Still a brunette! #fooledyou #sillyme."

Silly maybe but the 16-year-old model is so pretty she can wear it either way, don't you think?