THE HUNGER GAMES, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Dear Ted:
Are there any "easy" Blind Vices that you would reveal if they were guessed correctly? Like the Blind Vice for Elizabeth Banks...if we were able to correctly guess would you reveal it? Lots of love from me and my three-legged Sato, Pepito.

Dear Difficulty Factor:
Sure, there are Vices I think are easier than others. I think Coco Bop-It should be a breeze to guess, but if I named names I'd get my pants sued off (as much as I think Coco would secretly like to see them come off). But I think Liz's Vice isn't the trickiest either...and I'd be much more willing to reveal hers. That's not a promise, readers; I just mean that you'd have a better shot at convincing me. Give it a shot. And give a big lick to Pepito for me!

Dear Ted:
This might sound weird but I have a child-welfare question on the brain. If Toothy Tile, who's a media darling, has kept Baby Tile as well hidden from the media as it sounds, what kind of life can the poor kid have? How does Toothy do it? It sounds a bit the kid locked up in an attic or something? And does he ever see his dad?

Dear Dorian Dad:
In the order you asked: a great one, as Toothy's a great dad; easily (you'd be surprised at how easy it is to have a private life when that's what you truly desire, just ask Jodie Foster and her family); I think it sounds just the opposite, and definitely no. Lastly, all the damn time.

Dear Ted:
I have always felt that Justin Timberlake is in the closet and I still believe that Jessica Biel is his beard. Am I wrong on this? I get this vibe from him that he swings both way but prefers the same sex. Am I way off with this? I quite frankly don't care, we are all free to love who we want.

Dear Rules of En-gay-gement:
Sorry, Tulip, but your gaydar is a bit wonky. Sure, J.T. might have that whole metro thing going on but he really is a lady's man and always has been. That Jess doesn't have to worry about. But riddle me this: Do tigers every really change their stripes?

Dear Ted:
Austin Nichols
and Sophia Bush broke up recently. Sophia seems to date anyone she costars with but Austin seems to have a nonexistent dating record. What gives? The man is 31 years old, is he that picky? Who would you set him up with? Any Vicey behavior?

Dear On To The Next One:
Doll, Austin wasn't even that famous until he hit the One Tree Hill scene...and subsequently hit the social scene with Ms. Bush—so it's not too surprising that his history of ex-GFs isn't too public. But he is a Vice star, yes. Actually that probably has more to do with his dating habits than pickiness.

Dear Ted:
Does Jackie Bouffant have a new beard? Or is he still loyal to his boyfriend?

Dear It's Complicated:
No, he doesn't. But even if he was stepping out with a chickie on the red carpets, I think Jackie would still be loyal to this par-tick boyfriend. I'm hearing things are going really well between them and that J.B. isn't looking to mess things up.

Dear Ted:
What can you tell me about Adam Levine? Other than his adorable smile, is he as bad as women say? Is he a Blind Vice?

Dear Yes:
And bad has never looked so good.

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