Country superstar Randy Travis is no stranger to being in front of cameras, but here's footage from one particular camera he's likely not happy to be mugging for.

Police video captured the singer being arrested last week in Dallas for public intoxication after an officer spotted Travis' car in a parking lot after midnight and found the slur-speeched singer inside, along with a bottle of wine.

So what did the video reveal? Let's roll the tape…

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In the footage, an officer approaches Travis' car and asks the singer to ID himself. After being asked if he's had anything to drink, the country crooner replies, "Yes, sir, I have. But I am not driving, as you can see."

Travis is then asked to step out, and a second officer retrieves a wine bottle from the vehicle.

When Travis is told that he'll be taken into custody for public intoxication, he appears incredulous: "Really? Are you kidding me?" he asks.

One of the officers is clearly wondering if he's getting punk'd about Travis' identity because—right before taking him away in handcuffs—the cop says, "When we get to the jail, we can…get some more information on who you are."

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Travis was booked at the Denton County Jail and released a few hours later.

The singer later released a statement: "I apologize for what resulted following an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl. I'm committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions."

Here's hoping things pick up for the beleaguered star, who collapsed on stage last September after having a bad reaction to allergy meds.

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