Judging from Journey's new video for "Resonate," Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon aren't thinking about much these days besides rocking out and being in love.

And that's exactly the case, according to the couple, who have been sued for $50 million by Michaele's soon-to-be ex-husband, Tareq Salahi, for defamation and other perceived slights.

But Michaele, who infamously crashed a White House State Dinner with Tareq before they starred on The Real Housewives of D.C., tells E! News that Schon wasn't the reason her marriage fell apart.

"It's between Tareq and I, and the marriage is over because of the control I went through with him," she says, describing how she felt very trapped by the union. "It really just needs to be, 'This didn't work, wish each other the best and move on with our lives."

Schon adds that he's "never tormented" Tareq—and he most certainly never texted him a picture of his penis or called him to say, "I was f--king your wife," the Journey guitarist added, referring to the allegations in Tareq's lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Virginia.

As for the $50 million, Schon says he "doesn't have a clue" how Tareq arrived at that figure. "I could use an extra $50 [million] if somebody wants to lend it to me," Schon jokes.

"You can try to do whatever you wanna do, take every cent that I have, but you can't take the love that I have for her," Schon says.

Meanwhile, Michaele says, Tareq filed for divorce but has yet to sign the papers, preventing her from really moving on with her life—which, she hopes, includes a return to the fashion industry.

"Neal cares about me and loves me so much that he hated to see me hurting," Michaele says. "'And I'm grateful that he protects me and pulls me out of that hurt."

Tareq then released this statement to E! News in response to the "Resonate" video:

"I am hurt by my wife's participation in the new Journey music video. I am also very troubled that the rock band Journey is now promoting my wife's adulterous affair with Neal Schon. I am especially upset and disappointed that they would release this video on Valentine's Day. This day is meant to celebrate lifetime love and commitments, not celebrate those who cheat and abandon their marriages."

—Reporting by James Chairman

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