Who isn't Mark Sanchez supposedly dating?!

After being linked to Kim Kardashian, rumors started spreading that the New York Jets quarterback was seeing Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton.

Well, it just so happened that Upton was a guest on Ellen (airing tomorrow), so Ellen DeGeneres put on her interrogation hat and tried to get some answers...

She got straight to the point by asking stating, "Your boyfriend, New York Jets quarter back Mark Sanchez. How does he feel about this?"

"I did not have a Valentine's date this year," Upton responded. Yeah, we're shocked, too. But that didn't stop the host one bit.

"OK, so he was busy," DeGeneres said. "So how does your boyfriend Mark Sanchez feel about all this? He must be proud, right?"

"Well, even if I had a boyfriend. I wouldn't ask how he felt about it." We gotta give it up to Kate for dodging Ellen's hits. But again, it didn't end there.

"He would just tell you though. Has he told you? Your boyfriend Mark Sanchez? I'm just guessing that it's him. Is it him?"

Pretty funny, right?

Kate then asked Ellen if she wants Sanchez to be her boyfriend, which she point-blank replied, "Yeah...He's cute. Don't you think he's cute?" I think a lot of us think Sanchez is cute, including Kate, who admitted, "Yeah, he is cute," and explained that she met him years ago through her sister that works for the Jets.

Finally, after some more back and forth, Ellen came to a conclusion: "She's dating Mark Sanchez…"

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