Spoiler Alert! Do not read the following article if you have yet to watch the awesomeness that was Revenge's Fire and Ice party, in which the dead body on the beach in the pilot was finally revealed. So go, fire up your DVR and then come on back after you scrap your jaw off the floor.

Anyone else feel like they just got off a roller coaster? Who knew TV could make you feel like that?!

Revenge, hands-down our favorite new show of the year, has been promising us a shocking death since the opening scene of the pilot. Six months later, it all came full circle in "Chaos," and you know what? The show did not disappoint, revealing the dead body on the beach and giving us a whole new slew of mysteries to obsess over in the process. It was arguably the ABC drama's best episode thus far, keeping the tension high and continuously dropping delicious bombshells throughout the hour.

So who was killed on the beach? And what does the murder mean for everyone else in the Hamptons?

Wheeee! Daniel's (Joshua Bowman) alive! So long, Tyler (Ashton Holmes)! While we're sure most people at home will not miss you, we're betting a few viewers will miss the bat-s--t crazy shenanigans you brought to the Hamptons.

Yes, crazy ole Tyler returned to Revenge in spectacular fashion in the beginning of the hour, revealing he was the one to steal Emily's (Emily VanCamp) box o' secrets...and that he kidnapped the real Emily/fake Amanda (Margarita Levieva)! No matter how hard you try, you just can't keep a bad guy down.

Tyler threatens Emily, asking for money or he'll show up at her engagement party and kill Daniel. While the trade does go down, there's a slight hitch: Amanda joins him after learning Emily betrayed her. After getting the money from Emily, Tyler decides he still wants to crash the party and kill Daniel, all while framing Emily for the crime. When he goes down to the beach, he exposes Emily's revenge scheme to Daniel, all while holding him at gunpoint.

Fortunately, it turns out Tyler was in fact the dead body on the beach...but who pulled the trigger? Jack (Nick Wechsler) discovers Amanda at the scene of the crime and instructs her to leave, getting his fingerprints all over the body, the cellphone and the gun in the process. Fool for love, y'all!

Another suspect? Daniel, the boy who lived! Covered in blood, he walks up to Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and the rest of the gang at the scene of the crime. Yeah, he's definitely looking guilty right now, but who cares? He's alive! Wheeee! Congratulations, Revenge, you are not a murderer of a handsome romantic lead!

While Tyler was loved by, well, no one in the Hamptons, it seems like everyone will be affected by the murder, from the Graysons to the Porters. So where do we go from here? To court, of course! "You start to see the aftermath," Christa B. Allen teases. "Someone is dead, so someone had to be the killer. We've got to figure out that next." In completely unrelated news: we hear things are about to get very interesting for Daniel.

Expect the murder investigation and trial to garner a lot of attention. "As you can imagine, the death where plenty of people know about it and it's in a rich community in one of the richest, most popular, frequent party-throwing families in that community is involved, there's going to be a lot of attention on it," Wechsler teases.

As for what's ahead personally for Jack, who was about to sail to Haiti before being dragged into the drama, Wechsler says, "He's in protection mode. I think he's in like, "What the f--k just happened?" mode, so he's got to get a hold of Amanda. He's like, 'You go away now and you take my car and go hide somewhere, but oh crap, I don't know how to get a hold of you and I don't know what it means if I can't.'" Too bad Emily's Japanese mentor Satoshi Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada) offered her a lift and seems to have plans for Amanda, like death plans. Ruh-roh!

While this isn't confirmed, we've heard that the show may be doing an all-flashback episode soon, which sounds pretty awesome, right?! Something to look forward to in flashbacks? Seeing more of Conrad's (Henry Czerny) evil ways. "I just read [episode] 18 and  how dark Conrad goes revealing more of the gets pretty messy."

What did you think of Revenge's "Chaos"? Are you happy or disappointed that Tyler was the one murdered on the beach? Did you see his death coming? How much will you miss Holmes on the ABC show? Sound off in the comments!

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