Jake Gyllenhaal


Dear Ted:
How nice to see Jake Gyllenhaal and his BFF Austin Nichols at the Berlin Film Festival. It is rare to see such good friends in H.W. these days. I bet these two will be the best man in each other's wedding someday, whenever that may be?

Dear From Germany With Love:
Well, duh. Gylley and Austin have been besties since forever and A.N. has been there for Jake during his more burdensome breakups (like, say, from Reese Witherspoon), so he'll definitely be at J.G.'s side when he finds "The One." But open your eyes, Jers, there are tons of bromances in T-town. Hell-o, George and Brad?!

Dear Ted:
Other site's cover of Whitney Houston has gotten creepy: The "death tub," publishing a photo of her last eaten meal and the room number where she died. So in a situation where a website releases a lot of voyeuristic information, does that mean that they have multiple sources? I don't recall any photos of, for instance, Heath Ledger's "death bed" within a few days of his death.
—Grossed Out

Dear Privacy Please:
I agree, G.O. Especially when the image of her body bag was broadcasted across prime-time TV. But yes, it's all about sources and who's willing to sell what and for how much. It helps (or hinders, as the case may be) that Whitney died in a hotel with plenty of employees. I will admit this though: I think her last meal says something.

Dear Ted:
Happy (late) Valentine's Day to your Charlie from my Charlie. I've been reading your gossip for quite a few years, not posting much, but my foster girls do. We love the Robsten updates but also like news about other celebs. Our question is this: Does Vanessa Hudgens still have any romantic feelings for Zac Efron or has she completely moved on? What about him? Any chance they will get back together?
Your No. 1 fans from N.Y.

Dear High School Reunion:
Vanessa is probably less emotional about their past than Zacky, but that's relative—both of the former HSM lovers have moved on from the relaysh, V.Hud with her new man and Zefron with Lily Collins (or so the tabloids believe). Don't hold your breath that that spark will reignite.

Dear Ted:
Thrilled to hear about Matt Bomer coming out and love the very low-key, no fuss way he chose to do it. What better way to make it perfectly clear that he is who he is and he's happy with who he is than thanking his family? Being gay is just as normal as being straight, so why not treat it that way? Of all the successful "out" actors, most are television or stage actors. Is it easier for a star known mostly for television work to come out than it is for, say, a major A-list film star?

Dear gAy-List:
I'm loving all this Matty B. loving, W. But you're right in your thinking—when a big budget movie is demanding on your famous face to take in the cash there's more pressure to please middle America. Maybe Matt could be the one to change that?

Dear Ted:
What is your take on the Westminster Kennel Club blatantly saying shelter and mixed breed dogs aren't as good?! Are they crazy? What is wrong with them?

Dear No Puppy Love:
It's no crazier than the fact that Los Angeles still isn't a No Kill shelter city (WTF is up with that?) but it's just another way shelter animals are given the short end of the stick, despite the fact that some of the most gorgeous pups I know have come from not-so-perfect backgrounds.

Dear Ted:
If you don't like a particular celeb, do you make their B.V.'s totally obvious? Because in the case of Coco Bop-It, it sure does seem to point to one "man," and if I'm correct in my guess, I say kudos to you for being so blatant because I can't stand that d-bag either! Love you!

Dear Bop-It Extreme:
I'll just say this: I'd have loved to slap Coco's real name on that Vice to out the a-hole.

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