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By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 15, 2012 6:25 PMTags
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Just because Valentine's Day is O-V-E-R (go out and get that half-priced candy, y'all!), doesn't mean we're going to stop supplying with you scoop on all your favorite couples.

In today's edition of Spoiler Chat, we've got some very hot intel on True Blood's love triangle that should make Team Eric and Team Bill happy. Plus, we've also got scoop on Nikita, Hawaii Five-0, Smash and more!

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Monica: Please, something good on Parenthood? I am so in love with this show.
Testify! Only two episodes left this season (they only got 18 episodes this year), and if that's not enough to make you cry buckets, how about this scoop bomb: There is a devastating blow coming up for two characters that, honestly, I wanna curl up in the fetal position even thinking about. (Shudder.) Also, there's a heartwarming surprise between a certain couple in the next episode that will lead to a very cool season finale! Bottom line: Next two episodes of Parenthood are not. To. Be. Missed.

Eileen in Brooklyn: Anything you can tease about True Blood, like who is Sookie going to choose, Bill or Eric?
How about…neither? "We call it season of the bromance," sexy star Alexander Skarsgård told us at a presser for his new movie Battleship. "We just started [filming] and we're on episode four of season five. I have a lot with Steve [Stephen Moyer] this year," he said, quipping, "Eric is very intrigued by Bill now." Honestly, we're Team Eric no matter whom he hooks up with (especially if he's nekkid)! TV's Top Couple round two, y'all?

greenamberblue: Any chance of some Supernatural spoilers?
You got it, dude! (Full House reference FTW!) That former flame of both boys we told you about yesterday? She's also a hunter!

AllysonKoerner: This isn't the last we've seen of Lauren German aka Lori Weston on Hawaii Five-0, is it? Please tell me no.
We took your Q right to executive producer Peter Lenkov today, who answered right back: "We never say never again on Five-0. She's still alive, right?" So you know what that means, right? Keeeeep watching!


Gleek21: Can you give us anything on Matt Bomer's Glee episode?
You mean, He of the Bluest Eyes? Well, we already knew his name is Cooper, but have you done the math that Blaine's last name is Anderson so that means Bomer's full name is Cooper Anderson? Perhaps a shout-out to Anderson Cooper? Anyhoo, Bomer is shooting scenes this week for his Glee episode, titled "Big Brother." And though it will be centered primarily on Blaine (Darren Criss), there is also some Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) stuff going down. After all, graduation is upon the kids of McKinley High.

Marianne: Smash me!
Like, literally smash you? Oh, we see what you did there. Clever. Are you ready to meet Joe DiMaggio? Michael Swift (Will Chase) nabs the lucky role of the baseball great in Marilyn the musical, and we get introduced to him in a very cool way. We meet him in true Broadway style: onstage performing an awesome rock rendition of Bruno Mars' "Grenade." Oh, and he's a former flame of Julia (Debra Messing), and he's married with a kid. So…there's that whole situation.

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Felicity in Houston: I'm worried that Michael and Nikita won't end up together. Help!
OK, this is a bad news-good news situation. The bad news is that we're not sure if there will be another season of Nikita. The good news is that Shane West told us that he's confident Michael and Nikita (Maggie Q) would ride off into the sunset together, should season two be the last. "If this is the last season, then when I'm saying all hell would break loose, it would truly break loose," he tells us. "There'd be a lot of deaths, a lot of changeover, and I would hope in the end they would have Michael and Nikita together. Whether it'd be on a beach retiring with Michael's son, or Michael taking over Division, making it a real Division for good." See? Even spies get happy endings.

Blair: Happy Endings scoop!
Two words: kickball league. But we'll have to wait until the end of the season for that gem to come to fruition. All we know is that the group's competition is big, Russian…and female.

Matt: Really loving The River…even if it scares the hell out of me. Any hints to what's coming up?
We just talked to star Leslie Hope about the rest of the season, and if this doesn't send a chill up your spine, then please have your pulse checked. "One of the locations we shot in, which comes in a later episode, was an abandoned hospital for unwanted children," she tells us. Can't get much creepier than that, right? But our favorite part of The River is all the twists and turns, which Leslie promises we'll continue right up to the season finale. "It appears that the issues are resolved at the end of the eight [episodes]," she says. "But I would say just when you think things are figured out; it opens up again into a whole other world of mystery. Nothing is as it appears to be."

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse, Leanne Aguilera and Josh Grossberg

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