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She may have been without Prince William, but Kate Middleton certainly didn't spend her Valentine's Day outing short of admirers.

In her first royal engagement as part of a solo regional visit (yes, these are the sorts of things that are being meticulously tracked), the Duchess of Cambridge made her away around Beatles country, paying visits to a number of charities in the area.

So how exactly did the lovely lass in Liverpool spend her day?

During her second solo trip overall (William only just began his six-week deployment to the Falklands), the 30-year-old stopped by several do-gooder organizations, starting with the Brink, an alcohol-free bar that provides assistance to those suffering from alcoholism or other substance abuse.

In honor of her visit, the bartenders created an alcohol-free smoothie named, rather appropriately, the Duchess, which included a blend of bananas, almonds and honey. And game as she is, she even gave it a generous taste (possibly to avoid another Peanutgate, possibly because it just looked delicious).

She was also honored with a performance from the organization's vocal group, the Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus.

Later in the day, Middleton continued her tour with a trip to the Alder Hey Children's Hospital and the local Ronald McDonald House, where she took her time to greet all the children who waited for her arrival, accepting gifts of cupcakes, cards, Valentines and even a bouquet of red roses from 8-year-old Jaqson Johnston-Lynch, who delivered the flowers with a personal message:

"Happy Valentine's Day, your Royal Highness," he told Kate. "I'm sorry Prince William can't be here."

Aw. Talk about princely behavior.

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